[Workshop Mode] Overhammer - Custom Heroes

Is it possible that you could help me with some crashing issues my game is having? The amount of actions it is constantly outputting is nowhere near this level and I only have like 3 loops ever going at a time, no less than 2x a second, and the amount of effects are minimal. I just want to know how to prevent script overload and know what causes it, because it’s extremely annoying having my game crash with such a low script output. Maybe you could take a look at the code to see what is wrong? Idk, I just need help, the explanations may be good enough so far.

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I took the double blocked quotes from here. (I’m a lazy writer).

Blocked the text to ease reading.

“Chasing a variable with destination “another variable that is chasing something” can easily lead to problems (server crashes), especially if a camera is set to the position of the first variable (since the camera is also “chasing” that variable with Blend Speed != 0) and if the chasing is done for many players at once ( Ongoing – Each Player rule).”

Do not use Chase variable to destination action.
Create a loop rule that ticks the variable to destination every 0.1 seconds or so.

Avoid using conditions, which check for constantly changing float values.

[You can create a HUD entity for a game value (Game time) to check, if it is a float (x.xxx), and it changes in a very rapid rate.]

(Ex. Compare ( Game time > 600 ) condition is bad. Create a personal game time loop that ticks at a lower rate.)

“An Ongoing – Each Player rule that loops with a relatively low waiting time and has a lot of actions (problems started at around 10-15 for me) will cause micro-stutter and eventually make the server crash when there are 12 players or AI bots.”

If you use Ongoing – Each Player event, but with a certain hero, change it from All to the Hero, so it wont be condition run when the hero is not played by the player.
(Most of my rules work, thanks to this.)

Order your rule conditions top to bottom from the least to the most often changing to lessen the strain on condition checking.
(Secondary ordering: From most of the time false to the least often false.)

Ex. Is button held is updated less often (Your thumb press rate) than Distance between (Player1 , Player2) (Every 0.016 milliseconds).

If you can place conditions as skip if actions in a smart way, they may help against server crashes.

“Creating a lot of effects within a short amount of time will sometimes lead to problems, especially if there’s a lot of other actions in loops taking place already (effects don’t show up at all or with the wrong graphics and the server will crash shortly after that). In some cases, the problem can be solved by placing a short Wait action (like 0.1 seconds) right before and after a Create Effect action.”

Remove all Created entities when you don’t need them, do not trust that the game cleans them for you when you go over the maximum amount. (was it 64?).

Also Stop all Start Holding, Start accelerating, Start … actions when you do not need them, dont leave them hanging.

(I had a loop that created over 3000 Start Holding Button entities, eventually crashed the game.)

Arrays don’t seem perform well in the workshop. I have stopped using them, and try to use the variable letters only if it’s possible.

Loops that don’t have a clear ending condition will alert the server and create a crash.

(Create an artificial ending condition if you really have to have a loop like that. Like x = true, but never make it true. But don’t do that if you can make it work some other way.)


Thank you for the fairly quick reply (relative to the amount of time it would generally take someone to reply), as well as actually replying and typing up a fairly large list of solutions. I’ll get back to you if I still have issues after this. I appreciate it.

We want sigmaaaaaaaa

Hey dude i took your sombra thing cause i thought it was cool and used it as her ultimate. But for some reason the camrea keeps bugging out and goes in the floor. I changed the coding so heres a code for the gamemode. 4051M. If you could help me i would love you :smiley:

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The camera to floor thing is a bug regarding first person view (It doesn’t get the position of player and gives (0,0,0) coordinates). If you start any of the cameras, after you’ve last been in first person, there is a chance that it will bug out. I don’t know why this happens, only blizzard can figure it out. (It shouldn’t bug out if you start the game with a third person camera and swap the camera between them.)

And Sigma is coming very soon.

oh ok thats really weird thank you

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Hey Op. You can’t use this mode in deathmatch or team deathmatch which would be really cool. If you could update that would be awesome

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What happens if you set it to deathmatch?

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So if I wanted to create a workshop game using these heroes and features and of course crediting you, how would I go about doing that?

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D va bug still exists

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A few rules need to be changed to make deathmatch work.
Most abilities don’t currently most likely work there.
I’ll look at Deathmatch edition at some point.

You can credit me by leaving the parentheses with my name on the rules you took and adding your own before/after or putting my name somewhere in the description.

The D va ability works on something that could be considered a bug from Blizzards point of view, so I’m not sure what breaks it or how to make it 100% work. But i’ll check it again in hopes of fixing it.

Also note that if there are too many abilities happening in the game session at the same time, the server might skip some rule actions to compensate, which can break some timing critical abilities, like that D va thing, or turn effects blue.

You need to remove dva. When you spam ultimate when deploying fake mech, you ult. Plz emove her, she’s op and broken. Also rein shouldn’t be able to charge his ult while holding his shield, and junkrat’s zone should have a bigger cooldown. Junk can also do his interact while stunned. Since his interact makes you die, it regenerates your hp at max. His interact is available every ~5 second. So plz do something cause these two get exploited as hell. Idk if it’s a bug but you can ckntrol yourself while mjnd controlled.

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Hanzou is brokennnnn

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The main problem I have with deathmatch is that you cannot play more than 30 secs. The mode starts at 15min but then immediately changes to 15 secs remaining. I dont mind removing heros to make deathmatch work. If you can make it happen thats awesome

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To Fiqqy:

Try this: 6YZMR

I removed the rule: “Shorten match wait #1” that I use to start the other modes faster.

Tried changing to original Deathmatch rather than Team Deathmatch, but Blizzard seems to reset the custom hero values I had on the mode. For example: it returns cooldowns to 100%, which breaks custom abilities that need 0% on them.

If you have the time to get these values to the Deathmatch side, I would gladly take a code and credit you for it.

To adix31:

I am sorry if the heroes feel unbalanced/broken.

I have to balance with having many personally fun abilities that work 95% of the time vs having only one or two abilities that are checked 100% of the time for every way to abuse/break them.

Hanzo attacks getting stuck after ultimate is still something im trying to fix.

If only I could have a larger scripting size for custom game rules.

You can remove Dva by either removing the rules that annoy you in the rule list or by disabling the hero in your custom games.

Here is a bug with hanzo that happens on xbox, https:// youtu .be/tZjuvq_7dhE

Could you try this: Y9FDV with Hanzo, and please tell me if primary fires ability 2 in rapid succession?
Holding secondary should stop the fire after a charge is used.
The mode is bare with only Hanzo rapid fire and ult.

Non-ability arrow fire is not happening on PC.

I removed a few disabled conditions that might have made a difference in xbox compared to PC?

The firing after ult works on this one, it had to be stopped for a few seconds after ult.

I might make a new Hanzo ult soon that will make use of dummy bots (if they can be used over the player limit) when the patch arrives.

I’ll test as soon as I can

Basically, i still need to manually actibate the storm arŕows but they shoot automatically. I can stil shoot in primary and storm arrow cooldown is 0. Also when I crouch it changes me to ana and then quickly back to hanzou (WTF)