Winston Buff? Potentionally new abililty


Winston is fine. The current META just makes him useless.


I agree with everyone else winston himself is fine its just the meta that doesn’t work for him. Also with everyone being able to get away Winston is a hero that requires you pay attention to what everyone else is doing and deciding to dive based on what they’ve done. Moira faded? dive her when you see her coming out. It pretty much kills her every time. Like wise with Genji and his dash. Once you know enemies have their abilities on cooldown Winston can be very effective.


Winston is fine he just wasn’t great in the Meta


insert Michael scott


He’s fine. Please let the scientist be…
This meta just limits his ability to dive.


I gotchu Dream!

(Jeff Kaplan) #14

We’re not currently considering buffing Winston or changing his kit.

Winston is useless and desperately needs a buff
Winston Tune up?
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Winston Tune up?

RIP Dive. Thanks Jeffrey!


Papa Jeff has spoken


Praise Jeff as he has gave us knowledge and balance updates


How embarrassing!

Just kidding. I also think Winston is alright where he is.


And make him an even bigger sym counter where he doesn’t even have to endanger himself? Eh


Come on man. I wanna trow people like Donkey kong in Smash bros.


i think maybe something to slow people down in a radius, like syms turrets do, but maybe not as much damage, if any at all.


New ability primal rage
Cool down: 30 seconds
Winston starts punching people away
Doubles Winstons hp and instantly brings him to full
Leap Cool down increased from 2 to 4
Duration reduced by 2 seconds

New ultimate lightning strike
Winstons Tesla gun now hits in a 360° radius and the range is double the size
Last 20 seconds

Sound good? /s

But for real give me a Winston buff I enjoy playing him Brigitte makes me not so much but still playable because of my low tier self


any updates on roadhog?

on winston i agree the meta has made things difficult for him but he has been meta for so long


The power of science! :man_astronaut:


Well ok then.


Nah. He is good as he is.


Appreciate the update on Winston , but there have been tons of Reinhardt buff threads and I don’t believe there has been any response to those? Can you let us know if you are or aren’t considering anything for him? The Rein players would just like to know either way.

If I did miss a reply from you on one of those thread than my apologies.


Winston was never in a bad spot. If someone is getting away because they have more mobility than you, then you’re either choosing the wrong target or choosing to jump them at the wrong time.