Why the forum suddenly hate Widowmaker

no clue. we got some real dummies on here.

skill for reward, simple as that. and if she is way too good just go winston lol

glaz is not really hated in siege… because he is simply not good on every map … he has enough downsides to not dominate all other operators.

Upon further investigation it appears that person is a console user.

Appears to play both.


Also she had multiple people confirm she’s a GM in her thread, they were PC players. So she’s GM in PC.

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Wow, are you her publicist or something :smiley:

Still doesn’t detract from the fact Widowmaker is fine.

season 4 was double shield meta…

Flavor of the month, mostly.

Although I really do think she could use a rebalance. Niche Heroes just… Don’t belong in this game at all. I could see if every Hero was niche, but the’re not, just a few of them are.

On the plus side, Widowmaker is the most viable niche Hero we have… So… Yay for her?

No. I’m not. Don’t even know her. I just don’t like misinformation spread about people. And I have an excellent memory and Alexis is a sharer, so even though I try not to remember names on here, I couldn’t help but remember hers.

And Widowmaker being fine is your opinion. And her not being fine is Alexis. I don’t have one either way. There is statistical data to support both opinions. So I guess we will all have to wait to see how the meta shakes out.

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Ah they change every few weeks sometimes its widow sometimes doom and sometimes others.

because you can’t interact with widow except for with widow if they are doing their job right

probably the least interesting hero to interact with/watch out of Overwatch’s entire roster next to the likes of Brigitte. either completely useless or half your team is getting 1 shot the entire match.

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I’m just joking obviously, don’t take me so seriously :smiley:

I think some people on the forums are insane. They just want to cry over something 24/7, even if it shouldn’t be nerfed. That’s pretty weird and stupid :confused:

Widowmaker destroys the game on HIGH LEVEL and LOW LEVEL:

On Master, GM and top500 the team with the “best widow” wins and of course our dev-team think “Oh not problem is only 3% of the playerbase leave widow alone she is not ruining the game for the other 97%”

On Silver, Gold and platinum. Widowmaker ruin our games because she is a troll pick on this ranks, where the people can’t aim and a s76/ashe will be a lot better pick.

This lolsmurfs instant lock on widowmaker abandon voicechat/textchat and proceed to “destroy the game for other 5 people”.

So yeah widowmaker need a rework to be on damage levels similar to ashe and have a strong ultimate like ashe. The actual stake of widow is horrendous

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someone popular probably made a video about it and as we all know, they are the word of god

I’m here since launch. Widow is pretty much a constant when people start to complain about hero balance.

She got a breather during Goats Era because that meta was specifically designed to survive her shtick. Now that goats is no longer as dominant as before, they are remembering why a hero with with no range limit instakill potential every second is problematic.

I myself don’t consider any instakill ability in the game unfair as long as Widow exists. Every single other instakill ability is an ultimate, on a cooldown (old Scatter, Hook), or forces you into bad position (Rocket Punch, Charge). And all of them, no exception, don’t have the same range as Widow scoped shot.

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Widow hate came for me.
I’m a MVP.

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Please DO tell me all of the METAS she has been in or caused. goats WAS NOT cause Snipers at all… what you are saying is hyperbole. Most PLAYERS dont see most metas cause they ARE NOT im high ELO or in OWL they just sheep youtube or what they see in OWL or the ONE TIME they seen a decent Widow or Goats in ONE game… The Forums thinks Goats was everywhere in Overwatch when really it was just OWL mostly. most metas are just OWL or youtube bs… In other words , most people don’t like change so when a never used hero starts being played a lot, like junkrat in high elo when they said he was trash, they have no idea how to do deal with him , mouths ago, then the pros started complaining , and yes that includes High SR and PROS. it happens in every game!! and If you look i don’t play ANY snipers and i can tell you at Silver and Gold you MAY see one here and there being good BUT most arn’t. People tend to only remember the bad parts, eg… when someone throws and NOT the decent games they had etc. I can add more detail if needed. edit for typos this late and not is not just you its ever one crying on the forums. Hence whey reaper before latest nerfs was mostly OP in low ELO GAMES


I guarantee half of the nerfs given to heros haven’t even been justified and are simply a result of devs caving to complaints.

This cycle doesn’t seem to have any plans of slowing down… Ever since they caved and rebalanced roadhog’s damage, people just whine until stuff gets nerfed EVEN IF said thing being nerfed isn’t actually strong.

The way I look at it though, widowmaker fundamentally is what is strong, not just some numerical stats–though, nerfing the damage number behind her gun would eventually leave her weak (significant reduction). Theres a few things you could change about her to “weaken” her, but overall the strength of the hero is pretty set in stone.

Because with 3-3 being less prevalent people are defaulting back to double sniper as the next broken comp

In a room of 40 people, if 35 of them smell a fart you’d come to the conclusion then that someone farted.

If the majority of the forums feel the same about a smelly fart (widow), then what does that tell you.

OWL hasnt been around since the beginning of overwatch, so where did all the bastion sitting on payload and mercy/pharah season one and two come from if we can only get a meta from OWL.

Widow/Hanzo aren’t the main reason why overwatch is in the state it is in, but they are definitely a problem. Commanding space safely all the way across the map needs more counters than just diving them. Its impossible sometimes to get your entire team to help you get into range of 1 single person who can reposition quickly.