Why the forum suddenly hate Widowmaker

Forum also got “let’s nerf this hero season”.So this season is about Widow.Who is next?Let’s wait.

It’s another "I have 500 IQ, so I’m going to downplay whatever legitimate complaint someone makes on the forum as ‘lol the forums are angry again’ " episode.

mid season 4 would like to have a word with you

It’s an OTP Junkrat. No surprise the person hates Widowmakers. Widow is fine.

Not a one trick, not low rank.

That was full on dive, with no real variety.

It’s a Junkrat Main that got to GM by playing goats now complaining about Widowmaker :smiley: Literally zero clue what they are talking about.

Hating on Widowmaker is pretty much booing at a Widow Main for having mastered her. I get jealous too, but I congratulate Widow Mains for mastering a high-skill Hero. The only solution would be to learn counterplay.

~ PyroPanda

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I don’t know about that but i’m hating her since i started playing this game 2 years ago lol

Because metas change and heroes that haven’t been problems before suddenly become problematic. That’s how metas work.

Pretty much this. Just people who are just jealous at a high skill hero that when mastered can do crazy stuff.

And if you see who’s complaining it’s always low elo players or someone maining a hero that gets countered like Pharah, Junkrat or Bastion.

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Because the forum heroes whines nerfed everything else and that’s what left.

not really, dive wasn’t meta at all outside pro play until mercy meta, I was playing the game at around masters in season 4 and didnt even know what dive was let alone think it was meta, and that was my most played season at a rank where if there is a meta, it starts to show.

She got to top 500 mostly by playing Junkrat, a dps, in a GOATS meta, at the very least. It was also early into GOATs, when Hanzo and Widow were seeing plenty of play. Just based off her forum history. She also maintaining her GM rank while on Ana, currently.

That’s not someone who doesn’t understand the game.

And it certainly gives me more confidence in their logic than someone whose entire argument is ad hominem.

Nah, I saw the profile earlier at some point. Just someone who played Brig / Lucio into Goats with the occasional Junkrat. Literally heroes that require minimal skill.

Claiming Widowmaker is OP / Broken when Goats has been meta for months is borderline absurd.

Tells me enough about their game sense.

Let’s nerf to oblivion all high skilled heroes. Noot.


No, it was mostly Junkrat. She flexed enough onto GOATs heroes like any other dps at that time period, but Junkrat was her most played by a mile.

She posted on a thread where she talked about Junkrat.

GOATs being meta in the past says nothing about Widow’s current balance state. That was then, this is now. I don’t know that she’s actually OP. I haven’t come to that conclusion yet. But I do like objective truth.

And she is objectively not a one trick and not a low ELO player. She also mained Junkrat during that time period. Those are all objective truths about her.

Because people realized, after getting sick of seeing GOATS and play whatever they want, that Widow is still powerful as ever.

There’s little you can do if you’re up against a good widow, or even a competent one since there’s little hero that can actually contest her in the long range besides another widow, or swapping the entire team to GOATS.

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Brigitte / Mercy / Junkrat = lowest skill floor and ceiling heroes, almost non-existent mechanical skills.

Goats is still the meta by the way. It’s not in the past. And she is blatantly wrong about Widowmaker.

GOATs is not the meta in GM ladder.

She also maining Ana now and has mainted her rank. And Ana doesn’t have low mechanical skill.

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Having a low skill floor doesn’t necessarily means the hero doesn’t take skill, otherwise we’ll still be seeing more Junkrat above but he dropped sharply above plat simply because of how hard he is to get anything done compared to other heroes.

Widow may have a high skill floor, but frankly, as it is, it really isn’t that high considering she doesn’t have to deal with a lot of the drawbacks normally associated with snipers (Low mobility, sway, bolt-action/cycling reload.).

Widow is actually a relatively easy to understand sniper, at least, compared to other snipers from other games.