Why the forum suddenly hate Widowmaker

It has to deal with the fact that Blizzard is steering people to NOT like her.

They patched the game out LAST month to include a WIDOWMAKER main on EACH team for EVERY match. So now EVERYONE is fedup and TIRED Of the dueling.

I bought this game in 2017. I played as her for up to 830 hours and NOBODY played the character. The game’s balances were different for many of the patches. But with all the CONSTANT changes and adjustments. Snipers have the upper-hand this patch.

Because there has been a lot of talk/evidence that we’re going towards an enforced 2/2/2 to get rid of GOATS once and for all.

And if that happens, we’re probably going to go back to the meta that caused GOATS in the first place: double-sniper.

So we’re not suddenly starting to hate Widowmaker. We’re just going back to where we were before this whole GOATS-thing kicked in and started covering for her.

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First off a good amount of players never played an FPS till this one. The forums are a what 0.05% of the player base? How many people are just jumping on to the bandwagon just to follow the crowd. Im sure you have noticed every oher week or so the forums complain about something new. Most players have no idea what real balance truly is to begin with. Also pro streamers have been around since they start. The only time a Widow seems op is IF the person playing her is a high elo smurf. No on in silver gold etc can land game changing shots to that extreme all the time or they would be in a higher rank.

Edit: We do agree on one thing there are bigger issues in the game. Widow isnt a problem shes a symptom. Most players dont like to play as a team either in a team based game. Thats one problem as well. Really the biggest problem with overwatch is the human players. I accept Im bad at the game and trying to improve but i dont go around crying on the forums how something is OP cause I head it was or because i die in the game to it. Most metas dont matter in lower ELO for most of the player base but they cry about.

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citation please as to where is it posted by blizzard that they made match maker put a widow in every game. It cant just be that since people are saying shes OP that they think hey ill play her too and win, hence you see more.

because most people on the forums are silver players who don’t know how to stay behind cover, use a shield or group up

Because they can’t harp about Brigitte anymore now that it’s been revealed that she’s actually UP following her nerfs.

Because they can’t harp on Mercy anymore now that they’ve already sucked out all the joy from playing her.

Because Baptiste didn’t turn out to be the OP monster they expected him to be upon his release.

Frankly they just kinda ran out of heroes. Who else do they have to harp about? Widow will do just as much as any other.

Simply put space abhors a vacuum.

Ive recorded a screenshot of every match line-up. I started doing this since 2017, since I wanted to try and figure out how the Match maker works. Ive got plethora of screen captures because I research any way I can gain an advantage or gain MORE knowledge as to how their match maker works and functions. Including predicting match out-comes.

I did the same for World of Warcraft. Capture each and every PVP match roster. Go to 3rd party websites that have player stat tracking and research what I am up against.

I NEVER use 3rd party tracking software, because Blizzard says “No”. To me, it is a treasure hunt. Because I want to figure something out and notice trends. :slight_smile:

Cause she is a DPS that isn’t total trash at GM pretty standard for OW forums