Why the forum suddenly hate Widowmaker

Last month the forum was just complaining about Doomfist, Sombra or occasionally a blaming Tracer for Brig post. But why are there suddenly so many nerf Widow post, she didn’t even get a buff last patch(unless you count seeing health bar when ulting is a buff) and the Meta doesn’t favor her.
Heck, one year ago when Hanzo was in Meta, people said Widow is more balance because she takes skill, why does the forum suddenly think Widow is OP


The forums are a hive mind, every few weeks they find a new thing and then relentlessly complain about until it’s either nerfed or they lose interest and find a new thing.


Because the game is probably the best balanced it’s been, and people want to still be angry at something.


Because Briggite is so last season.

It is just forum way. Find hero who gives you most problems then hop on forum and complain until that hero is nerfed. Why now? Not really sure. I guess rest is somewhat balanced out and Buleberry butt is most “unfun”?

It is not like people werent complaining about her earlier. Just not on that scale. I guess her time have come, huh?

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Because people don’t like feeling like they have to hide behind a shield the entire fight because of a single opponent - regardless of how much skill they do or don’t have.

Yes yes, I know

“Well you can swap and counter…”

Sure- but there’s still 5 other players on the on the team and not everyone can swap to deal with the widow- but the rest have to hide from her.

Whether you agree or not- this is why a lot players are starting to dislike her again lately.


no that explains why people dislike her

not why she’s suddenly the hot topic

Sombra’s hate came from OWL stuff

Widow hate just came from ???


I don’t think they ‘suddenly’ hate her, they’ve merely been distracted for a while.

In fact, I can barely think of an FPS where snipers aren’t hated.


As i said in another post:

Forums a month ago: Nerf nano-blade there’s no counters!
Forums 2-3 week ago: Nerf Genji he’s too strong!
Forums now: Nerf Widow hoooow

Maybe alot of widow smurfs plaguing the lower ranks


Map design comes into it a lot.

Snipers don’t do as well on smaller enclosed maps :man_shrugging:

Depends on the game. I’ve played a few where quick-scoping CQC sniper is a thing, and if you think the hatred Widow gets is bad…

The weirdest thing is that in other FPS games the sniper gets a lot of stick for being the low skill/high return pick.

yeah but why is it such an issue now

yes, but why.

Yeah other things have copped it worse.

It’s also why I said ‘don’t do as well’ because in some games it’s a possible strategy. Then again in those games you have different gimmicks, weapons and goals. So snipers can be the least of your worries.

OP, it’s all the complaint threads that make me wish people had a thread/post limit per day, and also wish that moderators condensed all discussion about a single topic (in this case, nerfing Widowmaker) to one thread and treat all the others as they should be treated…AS SPAM!

Also, moderators should be moderating the forums more frequently and punishing people who violate the Forum CoC more severely.

And until the above is done, devs should NEVER listen to forum feedback.

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She was always hated this is not the first time, sombra-doom-brig stole the light until now.

A few low elo players, one Junkrat and Bastion OTP made a few threads and now it’s like an allergic reaction.

Widowmaker is fine. Just a bunch of low elo players complaining. Which is confusing since they never met a real Widowmaker.

So firstly, anything that can one shot most of the cast is going to be rather unliked.

As for why Widow and why now?

  1. I have heard that the new map, Havana, is basically a sniper’s paradise.
  2. Brigitte has been kind of nerfed into the ground so most people never see her so most people are done complaining about her and have moved on to complaining about something else.
  3. The Mercy rework and the release of Brigitte are actually both significant indirect buffs for Widow. Both of those supports make diving her a much much riskier proposition. I mean seriously… everyone says “Go Winston to counter her” but if she gets a Mercy beam or a Repair Pack… that works significantly less well.

Here’s a shocker. You should stay behind the shield all the time regardless of if the enemy team has Widowmaker or not. The only time you shouldn’t be behind the shield is if your team is running dive and then the Widowmaker shouldn’t be a problem to begin with.

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Sounds like a team of 6 support/tank players who want a I win button against player with higher skill than them.

It only takes 1 to either counter snipe with widow/Hanzo, or flankers to dive and distract her.

They need to work on their positioning and movement abilities. Widow has a really hard time doing anything to someone on the other side of a shield/wall and to someone who can bob, weave and crouch for the short duration they are out of cover.