Just Got PC Overwatch! Tips?

I recommend deleting the game from your computer. It will cause you much hate and you will become a toxic player who will end up bitter and angry.

Lol i expect to drop a lot

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Good. They did not and we’re very butthurt for a long time

Biggest thing for me was stabilizing my frame rate. Basically, just lowering certain graphic settings until my performance was very steady. FPS spikes and drops impact the responsiveness of the mouse and keyboard quite a bit.

Another thing, that might just be me, but I rotate the color of the cross-hair every couple of weeks. I just find that my brain starts washing it out after a while and if I change the color it brings it back to contrast and I aim better.

Ah, a console brethren has finally ascended, good luck and have fun in heaven, friend. :raised_hands:

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Calibrate your DPI and sensitivity if you can, especially with hitscan a higher DPI will allow you more pixel precision with a tuned in game sensitivity to match.

Maximize your FPS by tuning your GPU settings as well as in game settings, plenty of tutorials if you just look them up, but also there’s this:

Click on their tails :joy:

Actually in all seriousness, Razer Deathadder Elite.

  • Customizable layout based on keyboard inputs.
    Press alternate button 1 (side button) to melee with V without pressing V on the keyboard. Great for a quick melee.

  • Customizable layout profiles based on games.
    I play For Honor, StarCraft, Smite, Warframe, and Overwatch on my PC. All of them have their own custom mouse settings that activates whenever the game launches.

  • SUPER comfortable to use.
    The best part about it is how it fits perfectly in your hand. The only time I’ve seen someone NOT like its shape was because they had… Unique hands, for lack of better words.

  • Finally, customizable aesthetic.
    Change the lighting with the Razer CHROMA option to enjoy your favorite color schemes in the palm of your hand. Although you won’t be focusing on it while playing, it looks really cool when you watch the videos you stream or showcase your PC station. The Razer CHROMA lighting you create can also match future Razer products that you buy. Like the Razer Kraken Pro V2 Headphones, or the Razer Ornata mechanical keyboard.

In short, it’s absolutely bad@$$.
(Plus, the button sensitivity can be customizable too :shushing_face:)

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Welcome to PC hell, OP.

I’d recommend getting a wired gaming mouse with the little clicky buttons. You can bind melee to them and the scrolly wheel is really helpful for heroes like Mercy, Lucio, and Zen.

Other than that, it just takes time. The key bindings are pretty intuitive if you’re coming from console and the layouts for most heroes are pretty similar. It won’t take you that long.

As a side note PC players are significantly worse than console players with positioning, so have fun clicking heads!

try arm aiming instead of wrist aiming carpal tunnel syndrome is a real thing and it’ll hurt like hell!
and your sensitivity should be high enough so you can do a 180 in one flick and low enough that you won’t miss too easily
for mercy i do 5.75 in game over 2500 dpi

Hey there. I used to be in the same situation as you a few months ago, where I had just switched over to PC.

When you first play, don’t expect to have all your console skills transfer over to PC. You will get an advantage over other new players since you know how all the maps and heroes work, but as for mechanical skill, you will be at square one with the other newbs. If you’re looking to sharpen up your aim, play 3 star skill heroes like Widow, Ashe, Hanzo, McCree, etc. You can also play other FPS games like CS:GO to improve your aim.

It is said that it takes about 6 months of regular playing to really develop good aiming skill, so be patient when you are not getting any picks and losing games. You will improve.

hey! welcome to pc!!

we should totally play some time! i sent you a friend request

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Settings will definitely need to be changed. Besides that, I’m assuming that on console it’s easier to flex as you can only be so good with a controller, but it’s best to pick a role and even sub role (off-tank, main healer, etc.) to specialize. Regardless, don’t at all expect to be at a master’s level in PC, you will not start out there. You’re more likely looking at high plat maybe diamond, but can quickly rank up once you figure out what PC is like.

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I don’t get to play often, but I’ll try.

If you need some PC friends to play with, at least in QP, I’m up for it. You seem pretty cool

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Get a good mouse (i like g502) and set a DPI you like. I use 1300 dpi and 3 sens.

Fellow console player here that also started PC recently. I had to rebind melee to make is useable. I have it on mouse wheel scroll up. I also had to tweak my target reticle so I could see since there’s no aim assist to help me gauge hitboxes. I copied Seagull and made it a little green dot.

While aiming with a mouse is a bit easier, it took me a while to get used to abilities on Q and E. I still think they’re way more clunky and stilted than on console. Movement is also limited to 45-degree angles with a keyboard, so take advantage of things like ADAD spam to avoid fire since you can’t reliably move where you want while looking where you want without a joystick.

Would he nice to have people to play Overwatch with. Hopefully I can get on often. It’s my boyfriend’s PC.

I’ll make sure to send you a request later when I’m home

here is an aim guide from Surefour of the Los Angeles Gladiators, one of the oldest and best Overwatch players to have ever played the game (yes I am a surefour fanboy, no that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out this guide.) It is really helpful if you are new to PC games, ESPECIALLY FPSes.

Every time you try and queue for comp, warm up with like 1 min in the practice range and like a game or 2 of quickplay just to make sure your aim is good.