Why did they make demon hunter base game?

If you actually read the first announcement, it specifically said all overwatch and StarCraft series items were not exclusive. It sucks it wasn’t posted everywhere, especially the loot and ticket pages, but it is what we get for not checking everything beforehand. Now you know.


Tbf they only said it on the very first post about blizzcon and then never again. Not the ticket page, not the in game goodies/loot page, not anywhere else. Yes, they told us, but not where the majority of the population actually looks at loot. I don’t blame anyone for being mad since it wasn’t a consumer friendly sale tactic.

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Yes. This should have been on the YouTube video, the tweet, and the loot and ticket pages. Agree 1000%.


It literally said we were going to get it for free in 2019. Maybe you should’ve done some more reading before you bought it.

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I’d be more sympathetic with people like OP if it wasn’t information that was parroted by popular YouTubers, gaming news sites, here (repeatedly) and across reddit and likely other outlets with a potentially interested audience.

Unfortunately part of being a consumer is keeping your eyes open for preditory or intentionally misleading tactics. OP and others in the same boat should’ve been certain that they were paying for what they wanted to be paying for. They garner no sympathy from me for crying “unfair” when they invested on an assumption.

Normally I would agree, but in this instance alone, I dont. I didn’t use forums til a few months ago post Blizzcon, I don’t really use Reddit, I don’t follow Overwatch on anything except twitch, and I don’t really care for gaming news websites in general since everything is so sensationalize. If I fall into that “missed all the marks” crowd, in sure many others did as well.

Considering this is the first Blizzcon in a very long time Blizzcon items havent been 100% exclusive for all games, that was a fair assumption. There was no reason to think they wouldn’t be exclusive based on previous events.

But that’s fine, no one will trust Blizz after this one on that front though, so it’s fine

Sure, we have to make an effort not to fall for shady business tactics. But that doesn’t make those things less shady. It can be both true that Blizzard should release the DH Sombra skin at the cost it’s releasing AND true that Blizzard employed shady sales tactics and should be called out for it. Both things can be true. Both things arguably are true.

I’ve never understood the point of exclusive skins. Like the pre-order bonus Widow skin or any of the Blizzcon skins.

EDIT: And I’ve never understood people’s anger when those skins become available for everyone else.

why would you even consider buying an 80 dollar bundle for a skin
that’s like buying a collectors edition just for the little art book that comes with it

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Plenty of people do that though

That’s like buying a new phone because you will get an exclusive skin to a specific game just because you want that skin.

I think most people should know what I’m talking about.


Because its pretty. People like nice things.

As long as it’s disposable income, why not?

I like exclusive things because they come with fun stories, intrinsically. Anyone who sees it knows at least one thing about you.

Why pay for an entirely new phone just to use a skin in a stupid F2P game? ._. Though, it’s like the case design case.

Most people don’t care though. I know I don’t.

That’s fine. Like minded people will, and maybe you can use it as an icebreaker for a nice discussion. If not, at least it put a smile on your face.


While it was in the “fine print”, it was the only “fine print”, and its not like it was buried in pages and pages and pages of text, and wasnt exactly a secret.

On top of this- Multiple sites talked about it:

(Its literally the name of the link, here- informing people)

“Sombra’s legendary skin will be available as a standalone purchase later on for players who aren’t interested in perusing BlizzCon’s content.”

It was announced on the forums by our own Wyoming:

From the moment people saw this skin and were concerned about it being a “blizcon only” thing, people were openly and widely talking about “it will be available later”.

You nearly had to be living with patrick star to not know that if you purchased that ticket, it wasnt going to be exclusive to only blizcon ticket holders.


I’m not denying that Blizzard c(sh)ould be called shady for it, I had more than fair warning as I’m fairly invested in general gaming news and lurk here a lot.

But to claim it is unfair/unjust when the intent to make it commonly available was unveiled early enough for most people to make an informed decision on buying now and basking in temporary exclusivity or waiting until the full unlock isn’t a criticism of Blizzard being shady, it’s a complaint that an assumption was incorrect.

And I’m sure most of us have heard the phrase about assuming.

Because you wanted the skin and had the money? If had that kind of money to blow, I would probably donate the phone.