Why did they make demon hunter base game?

why did they re release it, for 1000 credits, I dont understand, I got the ticket for $80 to get that skin, and now its base game? if I knew I would get scammed like that I wouldnt have got it - . -, if its cause people couldnt get it, then thats sad for them, I dont even have anything special in overwatch from the ticket, here I thought I was special because I had the skin, but no, blizzard makes it base game, makes a lot of sense, can anyone explain to me, why they did that?


Because you paid for the virtual ticket, not the demon hunter skin. They actually specified pretty early on that the skin would eventually come to the normal loot boxes.


then why put it in the ticket?

It’s included as a bonus (timed exclusive) incentive.


That’s like buying a new phone because you found a case design you like.


They announced that the skin was not Blizzcon exclusive and would be released to everyone in 2019.

If you failed to pay attention/read about the restrictions/specifications of the in game goodies and dropped $80 for a non exclusive skin, that’s 100% on you.


It would have been nice if they recolored a bit so it was the same but different. But we all knew this was coming…

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I mean it’s still a cool skin. Also, you got exclusive access to it for several months.

Let me ask you this: If Bill Gates knocks on your door and hands you keys to a new Ferrari, that’d be cool, right? You’d love it, yeah?

Ok, so then what if he goes and buys everyone on your street one as well. Would you stop liking yours because now you weren’t special for having one?


because they said it would be?

they could at least put something exclusive in the ticket, also I knew they would release it, but I honestly thought it would be owl tokens, it makes more sense :confused:

If you paid $80 for a skin you scammed yourself, especially since it was marked as having a future release.


Because they should do what they promised before.
If they back down now, it might make even more people angry because they would end up as a side that lie to customers.

Her skin had nothing to do with owl tho?
It was not made for owl, and dont have owl theme. So why made it to support owl?


I was thinking that too, they could have like, changed the scarf colour

At the time of the announcement, it was shared that the skin would be available for non-ticket holders in 2019: https://blizzcon.com/en-us/news/22484225/the-blizzcon-2018-celebration-kicks-off-early-with-the-virtual-ticket


I dont know, I just thought it would make sense for it to not be base game

You got it half a year earlier, and it was publicly known that you’d be paying for just that. This is on you.

It was a skin that was made base on Diablo, had no blizzcon side on it, like other skins, it was clear it not gona be locked like other skins.

It was known in the forums at the time that the skin would be released in 2019.

First time I didn’t buy a Blizzcon virtual ticket since 2012.

After the “do you guys not have phones?” fiasco, I’m glad I didn’t waste my money on that.

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did you end up going to blizzcon?