Why did they make demon hunter base game?

Many people felt that the skin was essentially a 40$ skin and voiced their displeasure. The main argument against this being a 40$ skin was that you are actually having a virtual ticket and get the skin free of charge as a bonus…

With the same reasoning every skin attached to a virtual ticket could be made available to base game, because well you bought a ticket and not a skin. It was made clear that the demon hunter skin will be released as part of the base game in 2019.

You got exclusive access to the live streams and 10% off the Blizzard store (goody bag).

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  1. They advertised it as being sold separately.

  2. If we assumed that the virtual ticket only value was the virtual rewards, that would put it at a little over 7 dollars. So that’s the “actual” value of the skin. If you threw away the other items, that’s on you.

  3. 1k credit price makes sense because it’s close to the average price of a Legendary drop from lootboxes, the value based on the aforementioned for the value of the skin, and lastly the price of other skins that are the same thematically.

It could also reasonably be argued that it should have event skin pricing since it was part of an event, which would be 3k credits.


I didnt buy a virtual ticket, but I can see a point.

It would be nice if they would do a reskin in Blizzard blue and write “BlizzCon 2018” on the back.

It would be a nice token of appreciation for people who are throwing their money at Blizzard.

But lets face it, this is Blizzard of the last 5 years where they barely act like they could care less about us anymore as they have financials strapped to their faces to stare at all day.

Then you have no good reason to complain.

It has nothing to do with league, so no, it doesn’t.


they could have at least made a player icon

Would of been the least they could do.

That is a lot for someone to spend $80 on a virtual ticket.

Best thing you can do is just not buy a virtual ticket next year. tbh I am glad I didnt with how Blizzcon went this year. Definitely glad I didnt shell out thousands to go there in person.

like, I mean, I did also do the other things with the virtual ticket, but I half the reason was for the skin, I just feel like they could have at least gave the ticket holders something exclusive


If you had read the promotional material you would have seen it was “early access” not “exclusive”. And to top it all off, there were several YouTube videos, news articles, forum/reddit posts, etc. telling people to NOT buy a ticket if all you wanted was the skin. The ONLY reasons for buying the ticket was 1) for the ticket itself, 2) you have money to blow and want early access to the skin.


So looking over the earlier linked reference (Thanks Ashyy), the link specific to Sombra, as well as the BlizzCon In-Game Item Reveal on youtube, while nothing notes it as being exclusive, there’s also no reference to it being a timed exclusive either.

Granted, a retroactive BlizzCon skin for those that bought the ticket wouldn’t be that hard a process to do (especially since we know the general mentalities with creating League skins; just with added bump mapping for the blizzcon icon), and a somewhat better resolution to what some perceive as a deceptive move.

Searching those pages btw, the only mention of Early Access is for the Online Merch Sale

I bet you don’t read the Terms and Conditions of anything you agree to either…

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I bet your fun at parties…

But on topic, while its nice to finally get the Sombra skin, it isn’t obvious marked that this was a timed exclusive; and this is if you use the BlizzCon website to begin with. Many first heard about it through youtube, and while currently unavailable, info on the virtual ticket may (or may not) have this illusive info on there too.

I don’t get invited to parties much…

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It was clearly widely known and understood. You’ve been told.

Why are you saying Blizz should change their mind and have effectively lied to those of us who read and understood it was coming this year.


There was an * on the BlizzCon page indicating a note of fine print at the bottom of the page stating the D.H. skin would become available to all at a later date.

I too overlooked that tidbit of knowledge, bought a ticket, and received the skin. That fault is ours :man_shrugging:t2: It sucks but it’s not like Blizzard is gonna sympathize with us.

I honestly don’t see why they just didn’t do another exclusive blue BlizzCon skin and just release D.H. for an Anniversary Event.

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Seems there’s a good 50/50 split of people who both didn’t know, and another half coming out the wood works saying they knew all along.

That alone is a pretty clear indicator that it wasn’t clearly known; but online numbers can always get skewed which either way, who knows.

The point being brought up is that when there’s a history of these skins previously being exclusive to just VT holders, the immediate assumption is that’s going to follow the same trend.

Yeah if I’m going to lay out the equivalent of $50 for something, I don’t make assumptions. I make damn sure I know what I’m getting.

That’s on you I’m afraid. If it’s 50-50, then you’re asking that Blizz change their minds and turn it into a lie for that half of us who were actually careful. I think that would be a bit of a D move.


Yup it was on the news blog.

Those news sites and most of the unaffiliated YouTube channels were pretty clear about it. It was also posted a lot on Reddit and these forums. It was widely recognized.

Now the tweet that went out and the official promo video didn’t mention it, so I wouldn’t mind compensation for people who purchased their ticket not knowing it for that reason. Especially anyone who bought it because of the initial tweet. I have sympathy for those people.

But most people did know, admitted to knowing, and still want to punish those who waited because they now regret their purchase. I have zero patience or sympathy for that type of selfishness.

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And as mentioned earlier, I’m glad to finally get the Sombra skin.
Didn’t bother getting the tickets for any of the years, so seeing that one at least is quite nice.
Don’t make assumptions.