Why are you changing Orisa Blizz?

If ana could sleep her during her ult her ult would be even more useless than it is now.

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We decided to give Orisa and Ramattra an adjustment in order to give them more competitive options to stand up to Roadhog. Originally we planned to adjust Roadhog in this patch, but we could not adjust him due to a technical issue with our hotfix today. We’ll keep an eye on all of these heroes and expect more updates in a future patch.


thanks for the reasoning!

but uh…couldn’t you have given a tiny nerf or something
till that midseason patch, he will make the game kinda unfun,

since he will still dunk on ramattara, and orisa im not sure on, he can just ignore her and focus her supports

whats with all these convenient technical issues?


Please don’t change his damage or hook. There’s so many other ways you can fix the problem (take power away from breather).

History is repeating itself. He received a mini rework in 2017 and it didn’t work, you guys had to bring back his damage. Don’t do it again.


I think they already said they will be removing his oneshot

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So, it’s just a temporary fix till Roadhog change?

Thank you so much for finally realizing that Roadhog has been a problem not just for them but every hero in the game.

Another problem that has been a problem for CTF modes for years now is Roadhog being able to carry the flag with take a breather when other similar abilities drop it. The 50% damage reduction is just way too powerful and once he has the flag there’s not much you can do to stop him. Can’t something be done about that for consistency?

tell the balance team to not forget about this when they get around to adjusting roadhog lolz

y’all know everyone loooves the classic, “add a bandaid, fix the problem, then forget the bandaid” :adhesive_bandage:

btw im not flaming for the temp fix, good call imo


i dont know if i like the we are buffing these 2 heroes to stand up to the OP hero till later… lol…

then when they nerf this op hero and the other ones remain the same they’ll disappear till season 4… oh yea we are now nerfing ram and orisa

sigh :sweat_smile:

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How bout we just disable the trash hero instead? Game is not fun with him every natch anyways


The devs just listen to content creators. Flats asked for a Rein Firestrike buff and it appears that’s coming down the line because of that interaction. The devs are balancing for twitch streamers and content creators, not players.
Remember when they had a PTR and would ask for players to playtest and get player feedback? Yeah, now they just hand streamers early access to a patch and balance based on what they say.

It’s starting again, same as OW1, catering exclusively to high Elo/OWL/Streamers with balance, and leaving everything else to rot. Combined with how long fixes take (2 months and 2 patches to nerf sojourn) , it’s not looking the best.

Orisa has a lot of vulnerability while ulting. It takes time to charge to kill anything in, people can walk out of it, and more importantly she can be killed while charging it up. Watch a couple of low rank games where she ults and dies mid charge. The fact it didn’t work passed shields was already too much counter-play.

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Orisa is scary for regular play because people either haven’t figured out or refuse to knee cap her support first. Buffing her damage drop off is not going to giga buff her effectiveness at this level. Same goes for making her ult pierce shields as ults blow up metal ranks regardless.

The kind of buffs that would impact regular players in a big way are HP/armor values>CD reductions>Damage values>everything else.

Soo… we fall back into the idiocy of “addressing” problem heroes by buffing counters instead of changing them directly.

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Orisa already makes hogs life hell, idk why ur claiming the buff was 4 that matchup specifically

They are out…as are the changes.

no but i remember the ptr being used as a preview for stability testing that always went live with almost no changes

i also remember hearing about how creator/pro feedback was ignored so reliably that they didn’t even bother to post in the owl discord that was set up for them after a while

different timeline i guess. hope we don’t go back to that one because it definitely did “rot” the game

even better if they maintain this cycle of big patch → quick follow-up patch → midseason patch → (maybe another followup tweak if needed) :innocent:
if the hotfix tool breaks for months again someone’s gettin smacked

I get that but why have her ult go through barriers if shes dealing with Hog?

Barriers are one of the only ways to avoid dmg and the maps arent really designed with cover.

Just feels like any characters without mobility or I frames are going to really struggle going forward.

I assure you they would NOT be finding them convenient.

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Thanks for the update man!

It makes sense. Sometimes software dev work is like that.