Why are you changing Orisa Blizz?

Then your team should realize that you need to give hog a stopgap nerf in the meantime. What the team has basically said now is “enjoy hog ruining lobbies for another month” when it could be avoided. No excuse not to address him

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what about junkerqueen? why does orisa need a buff but junkerqueen does not?

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Junkerqueen is arguably probably the hardest to balance right now as much as I love her inclusion to the game. From hitbox to gameplay to playstyle, it seems they can’t find a way of making her balanced without over or under performing. She definitely needs some kind of buffing like the devs said they’ll be doing soon and this patch is probably a set up towards that.

I would suggest that technical issues are especially inconvenient.

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um, thats not what that means

I never said the devs find it convenient

am taking about the fact that they were going to change roadhog, one of the most hatted and complained about tanks, but conveniently there was a tech issue, so we have to endure hog till the soft rework

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So far they have no problem nerfing hated heroes, unless it’s someone dear to them. Roadhog is not one of them. SO I believe it this time.

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Zen gets invul during his ult, but anyways, Orisa isn’t invul. She’s immune to CC, but she can be killed while standing still and spinning her staff.

Aside from answering your question, I don’t agree that Orisa was in need of any buffs. She feels plenty strong, imo.

So instead of nerfing hog temporarily, you buff a perfectly fine hero? what


Tech Issues and Balancing have better synergy than PharMercy.

yeah, it came across as “the devs didn’t want to do this, so they had a convenient excuse not to”

It wasn’t convenient for anyone except the hog mains :wink:

NZPenguin will be VERY happy though (they are a hog main I play with sometimes)

I know what you said. I’m still not sure what’s convenient about it.

The change is pretty annoying.

You feel safe behind reins shield, and suddenly he gets blasted back and drops it leaving you exposed as support.

Even worse than it just hitting you directly (which still isn’t great). Makes you feel punished for what was very reasonable and sound positioning otherwise.

convenient to hog for not getting nerfed

If you were a hog main it would be :wink:

Well that is very true… apparently they’ll have a whole load of fun until mid-Jan.

The month of the hog!

They already said that JQ will get, quote: “a spicy change” in the mid-season patch. So just wait.

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yeah, finally saw the interview, exciting. still felt awful playing her since october, and still feels awful knowing that i gotta wait till like january 15th for her to finally feel playable

I’d like to see the reach of his hook nerfed a little bit. Not like nuke nerf but reduce how far he can grab you cos there’s been times it’s absolutely insane. Maybe shave about 1/5th to 1/4 of the distance max 1/3 cos he’s done some pretty legit BS pulls.

She pulls everyone to her when ulting. The first time your Orisa pulls a reaper or Hanzo to her and then dies so now that team is grouped up and ready to attack you, you’ll agree that she should be gold when ulting.