Hog is the problem not Kiriko

Hog has had an awful design since 2016, never fun to play with or against, he is a dps just filling a tank space (give us mei tank pls), every meta where hog was the main character has been awful to play, and for people who said he was fine in ow 1 we were calling his bs out in the last dying months of ow 1.

All of this even before kiriko appeared, yes she makes him even stronger but she isnt the problem the underlying problem is the awful hog kit and how easy is to get value out of it

Problem was he was SO hard countered by Ana you didnt really have to worry about his kit in OW1.

Now that Ana finally got taken down a peg by Kiriko his kit is incredibly strong.

But yeah he needs some small nerfs.

You are the problem, not Roadhog. If someone wonders what I mean, check this guys post history.

Oh glad to have you here.
Here have another one since the last one wasnt enough to dry your tears :roll_of_toilet_paper:

Damn. Hog living rent free in their head.

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I could keep going and going.

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Whether hog is a problem or not, Kiriko is most definitely a problem. She’s been meta since the day she released, and virtually nobody thinks she won’t be meta after her most recent nerf.

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Oww so sweet to have a personal stalker :heart:

She is meta cause she is the only one who can cleanse ana bs nade, whose has been meta for almost the entire life of the game making tanks in general miserable to play

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i love kill hog with kiriko :slight_smile:

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I love killing anything with kiriko too, the dinks are so satisfying :sunglasses:

No Ana is the problem. Having to develop character to counter another should tell ya that.

Or you know both can be a problem, ana because of her oppresive nade, hog because of his bs awful designed kit, not everything is black and white