This is honestly a pretty good patch

We got:
-Real Sojourn nerfs (No longer slowing, higher spread, higher power slide cooldown, all with no compensation).
-Good Rammatra buffs (movespeed in Nemesis was very needed, barrier hopefully is a bit more useful now
-Orisa ult buff (Which isn’t THAT huge, but her ult is a bit weak anyway.)
-Tracer nerf (Good, all the way back to OW1 levels was bonkers)
-Kiriko nerf (Kind of sad, but I do think Suzu was a bit much. Just wish they’d removed its random knockback instead, or something like that).

Only thing that concerns me is that they’re buffing Anti nade duration again, which all but forces Kiriko as an Ana answer (and, yet again, cements the “you need to own counterpicks or you’re at a huge disadvantage” thing).


There’s probably going to be a lot of Support changes in January


The patch was making sense until the ana changes.


Ana changes are awesome!

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Ram is still a throwpick, and I’m seeing no JQ buffs.

Blizzard just nerfed JQ’s ult duration because, apparently, 5 seconds of anti heal was too powerful on an ult, and needed to only be 4.5 seconds of anti heal.

But, you know, 4 seconds of anti heal on a basic ability is totally fine…

Like, Nade is busted, and the only reason it’s not ruining the game is because Kiriko counters it so hard. Which… isn’t good for the health of the game.

I’m all for Ana getting more damage and other ways of defending herself. Nade duraiton increases absolutely doesn’t help Ana defend herself.


I really don’t understand why they buffed Ana, the strongest support in the game… other than that it’s fine

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I think they basically thought
“Ana buff = Hog nerf”

That said, I expect them to buff the entire Support Role’s overall value by 10-30% next month.

They don’t change how hard ill throw half the time when trying to kill her as echo lol

Game feels pretty good right now. Doom nerfs would be appreciated. Why does he have to go from worst to BEST. Can’t he just be a viable pick?

I getcha . I also love JQ, and im sad that they nerfed her ult…

That seems the only logical reasoning, but I still don’t like it.

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This honestly makes a lot of sense, especially when we consider this post:

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Well also…next week the matchmaker is going to be…bad.

When Ramattra hits Comp.

Because the Tank:Support player ratio is going to be a lot worse.

So additional Support players is good

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