Why are you changing Orisa Blizz?

She is mid at high ranks - useful against hog and doom - and pretty strong at low ranks where players just keep pumping damage at her while she cycles her abilities and gets pocketed healing and never dies.

The last thing low ranks need is a stronger Orisa.


I advise waiting until actual patch notes to react


100% Ana must be able to sleep her, she is immune when ulting why? what other hero gets invulnerability when ulting?

Can someone explain it please because she is spinning her staff in the air above her? So why would she not follow the rules of the game?


If it’s going to pierce barriers, it probably shouldn’t have fortify anymore. Sigma’s ult also ignores barriers and that’s why you can stun him out of it now.


no way there’s people complaining about orisa ult bro walk out of it :skull:


I mean in fairness sigma can also move. I think it’s fair to have fortify in terms of DR, just not the CC aspect.

low ranks do not matter when it comes to balance. This game has noob stomper heroes since 2016 and it´s not gonna change now, it´s a skill issue and no balance patch can solve it


She is also extremely useful against Ram.

Because her ult isn’t as impactful as other tank ults.


When a hero is middle of the pack in higher ranks and very strong in lower ranks it’s not a hero that needs buffs.


her ult sucks, no problem at all in buffing it

But they didn’t only buff her ult. Orisa is a lower damage hero because has huge sustain. She doesn’t need a buff to her primary fire.

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it was a range buff dude, to make her less useless at long distances. She has no range and no mobility

I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but it is tugging me from the edge of the radius to BEHIND Orisa. It would be faster to leave the circle TOWARD her team, but not very practical. Even in speed song Lucio, I struggle getting out after the succ.

If I play as Orisa, everyone just takes a step backward and they are gone.

No clue what my issue is, but I definitely fear her running up on me unless I am a tank.

She has pretty good mobility with her spinny spear - she runs right into people that get too close and pummels them. That is her gameplay loop. Giving her longer range doesn’t seem necessary.

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she is top 3 least mobile tanks in the entire game, she simply can´t keep up with other tanks and the same spear she use to move faster is the one she use to block stuff

You´re truly trying to make orisa look strong when she isn´t that strong, let´s see how it goes when it reaches live game

The problem I think they are addressing is Orisa pick-rate being low. The problem with her is not her damage range, it’s that you play her a few times and she gets boring. The first time you play Orisa it’s fun and you feel you are doing stuff all the time - she’s quite a busy hero. But after the 10th time you play her you realise you’re just doing the same very fixed sequence over and over and over.

She gets boring.

No clue why they are making her ult go through shields. Her ult was balanced as is and shielding terasurge was a fair counterplay. What’s next, you can’t block shatter with shields anymore?

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I completely disagree with you, the same could be said about rein, hog or any other tank. She is not played now because there are easier tanks for lower elos, and for the higher elos she simply can´t keep up with the game


She has an ability called fortify it halves her received damage and makes her immune to all cc it is active during her ult