What will supports look like in Overwatch 2?

I like teamfights that are a dramatic tug-of-war even if my team loses in the end. Something that keeps you to the edge of your seat.


This is what was said basically in the tank thread. Makes it sound like they are trying to make just another generic shooter. Which is a shame, I don’t like those games. OW is the first game I have played and enjoyed on a regular basis for longer than a couple of weeks in 25 years. I play nearly every night after work for nearly 3 years now.


My guess, less sentry damage, but a 1.5x headshot. Then a variety of buffs.

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That would be a highly sought after change, actually.

As a base change, this along with a rework or removal of Ironclad, with defenses put into offensive capability… would make Bastion shine.

This man alone is literally carrying the entire dev team


haha funny edgy

Who asked for ur opinion?

And yes i know the community deserve basic communication from the devs but at this point we will take whatever we can get.

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Well more specifically:

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Your copy and pastes are FIGHTING RIGHT NOW :sob: :sob: :skull: :skull: :skull:

Hmm… I have to say, sadly I’m personally always against adding new abilities for Bastion, since it would bloat him, or take away from what he originally was.

(As a Bastion main)

I would love to see what you think of my suggested rework however.
(Especially the ultimate changes)

Removing Brigs stun but Ana is allowed to keep her sleep really shows how much fan armor some hereos have, and Brig players just have to constantly be thrown to under the bus.

Really disappointing.


I figure the sentry nerfs clears the way for other buffs.

Also Bastion is one of the few heroes without an E ability.


Any chance for Mei to maintain her CC as a skillshot on a cooldown just like Ana’s sleep dart? Perhaps less duration and range, but something there… to consider? This skillshot could be a snowball, chunk of ice which freezes just like now.
Imo, the character would be useless and not what she is supposed to be without any form of stopping targets around her (freeze is also something iconic of hers)


If other meaningful utility is there, then sure take the stun away.

If her re-balance is “she does more damage” then just replace her with another character at this point.


ooh AndyB Dont toy with my emotions,

I will ignore it for now

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My rework could technically fix that…
[The Bastion experience... mega thread? [Rework inside!]]

I know this is a support thread, but how is dva being changed? i know she already has defensive abilities, and i saw extra time to the DM in the demo, but i’m confused about what was said about shifting her from damage. if there’s one less tank, i would dread going back to marshmallow guns after the beautiful feeling gunplay the fusion cannons have had since they were reworked (with OW2 in mind I believe).

My fervent hope for you is that one day you grasp the purpose of an online forum. A marketplace for ideas and opinions, given freely.

Until that day, friend. I’m rooting for you.

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What :sob: :sob: :skull:

If you’re removing the stun from Brigitte, i hope you take her Shield Bash into a mobility tool rather than a interrupter, it would seriously help her playstyle.


I mean Tracer (her cover girl) and Genji players will be happy, so I’m not expecting meaningful changes to those, since they are the popular ones.

Just imagine playing those and no one is able to stop you on getting kills? DPS players (which is the majority) is going to be happy. I can see why they are doing so.