Were those Omnics REALLY Kishin?

I’d like to call into question the Origin of those Omnics from Shooting Star, because I believe they weren’t in fact the Kishin talked about in the short, but rather, Talon Omnics. Let’s look at this real quick.

1.) We saw the appearance the Kishin took in their most recent attack was that of a white and red quadrupedal spider like monster.

2.) The Kishin TYPICALLY take months to adapt and change for their next attack. This is evidenced by D.Va’s friend saying that it was too soon for another attack.

3.) The sleek design of these Omnics reminds me of the ship that picked up Widowmaker in Alive.

4.) The red and black color scheme seems to match perfectly with Maximillian. Perhaps it’s possible he’s like a mob boss with Omnics underneath him.

5.) Talon’s ultimate goal is to start a war, staging another ‘Kishin’ Attack so soon after the actual one would greatly help in stirring the pot for it.

In conclusion, I feel fairly certain in saying those Omnics weren’t actually the Kishin MEKA usually fights back, but Talon’s own little variation on the model


Why do Talon have to be involved? How do you know the Kishin don’t “normally” use them? D.Va wasn’t exactly surprised by who or what they were; just by their manner of fighting, but then she’s also clear that they’re learning and adapting.

It shows more that the MEKA team were barely managing a predictable enemy, and how stretched they are.

Also, how would Talon get involved with these Omnics? The Kishin are completely seperate now from the Russian Omnium to which Max and the Volskayas are connected. They live in the ocean. These ones still very much hate all people, and aren’t anything like the E54s and OR14s, or even Svyatogors that Talon might conceivably get access to.


I am going to borrow something from Warhammer 40K lore and the Tyranids. but there could easily be splinter factions that are out there because they have evolved differently due to the unique combat environments they are in. Same with Tyranid fleets evolve adn splinter due to the same issues,

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It’s likely. It would tie d.va into the story later on. Also maximilien is a interesting character. He’s ran by a god program but seems to carry his own will. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is the actual god program. This is probably apart of his plan since it’s likely he can control other omnics. Who knows though

They’re definitely gwishin.


So they weren’t drones sent by Talon or anything? That shoots down some possibilities.

What makes those Omnics so special?

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The simple fact that they didn’t attack on a predefined schedule that all of Korea apparently assumes they will never stop following.

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Oh yeah. I guess I should have worded it better. I mean what makes those omnics stand out and be more of a threat than other omnics?

I think the answer is the same. They’re more of a threat because no one was prepared to deal with them. They’re not necessarily better or more powerful than others.


Hey Michael many of us felt the D.Va short was a bit light on lore. I for one would have loved to see a bit more about D.Va’s music and acting career. Maybe she could have been attending Lucio in Concert or something or making a song with him. That would have been so cool!


oh come on, it was packed with lore bits

i am wondering… if Gwishin omnics are continuous threat to Busan and Korea… why there is no military around? i think that city is taking it too lightly leaving only few mech pilots to deal with this

this kind of approach simply asks for a disaster if Dva fails this first (and last) time


Still no backstory on the gwishin omnic? I know there are a lot of factions in the Overwatch universe, but I don’t feel like the gwishin are dangerous.

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I mean, if D.Va wasn’t there when they attacked, they would’ve completely decimated Busan with those missiles.

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Hey Michael, I don’t want to seem like “that guy”, but is it possible for us to have an official timeline for the Overwatch universe. I feel like it would help answer a lot of questions regarding the lore placement.


Did you hear D.Va though? she said “thousands will die if we don’t do something.”

I’m sorry but ‘thousands’ doesn’t sound like a dire threat to the city. Korean cities have tens of millions population. Not to say ‘thousands is an acceptable number of people to allow die in a terrorist threat’, just that the threat didn’t feel like a big deal.

They’re remnants of the crisis. They’re likely a terrorist group like Null Sector or controlled by one of the rogue God AI’s.


Wait is that what people are upset about? It lacked shipping lore?

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Umm obviously they came from a universe where the Matrix and Pacific Rim have merged into one.

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Well, if you want to compare the danger level of different threats, then yes perhaps the gwishin would be considered “less dangerous” than others. However, thousands of deaths is nothing to scoff at and is still very “dangerous” despite this.

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I do also agree with this, the way the omnics looked, the way they behaved, it all looked like Talon more than the Kishin.

Because think about it, you can just tell by how the omnics were designed and how they act that they were clearly just doing a hit-and-run attack on the city. They were equipped with very few weapons (powerful weapons non the less) And they were all super small and fast, also. They never go directly for D.VA unless they have to. I think that they went for her towards the end of the fight, simply because they could see that the mission was failing, so at the very least they could take out one of the MEKA pilots.

Is this a crazy stupidly long theory on a simple suject? Sure, but I was bored and felt like writing it, have a nice day!