Sombra's conspiracy web has been removed from castillo

On the castillo map there used to be a projected web thing featuring several characters and companies in the overwatch lore. It’s gone now. I have a feeling this is a glitch but just in case its not i wanted start a little speculation. I have a feeling that sombra has some grand scheme that will put her in charg of everything, and this shows that her plan is starting. Idk maybe i’m just crazy. also there’s a map with 3 “objectives” marked on it. These objectives are east U.S, Korea (which means talon could’ve sent the omnics in the dva short), and west africa. My guess is the one in africa is numbani. There you go, i hope somebody doesnt post this same topic again and get all the credit again, although im probably not the first to post about this so…

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It’s still there. You might have just turned your graphics settings down.

They didn’t. The Kishin Omnics came from the underwater Omnium. They did not come from Talon.

oh thx for telling me about the graphics thing, but i still believe talon could be behind the omnic attack somehow.

As for your graphic, those are probably omniums. We know there are Omniums in Detroit, West Africa, and the East China Sea, and that looks like the three points on the map.