D.mon Main Tank Concept

I think her last name is lee not park.

I really like the back story going on :slight_smile: it would be a stretch for talon. I think there is a good chance casino might be connected but it’s still possible. Talon does need a tank :slightly_smiling_face:

I would either give her more armor or a bigger health pool because of her size and she doesn’t have a huge shield. It’s a fair bit smaller.

I like the gun

The shield is interesting

For the Jump. My concept was similar but without vertical mobility. Intersting choice lol

Sticky’s would be pretty cool to see game. :slight_smile:

That’s a good ultimate. I like it!

How dare you kill off her parents :cry:

Great concept I like it :+1:

They could always work something in. Maybe turn that part of her into a weakness of why she did join? It’s still pretty flexible for whatever they could decide to do :slight_smile:

i appreciate the feedback.

as for the shield, all that is said on the wiki for D.mon is that there is a Green Shield projector from her right hand. it doesnt give a size of the shield. I wnated her to be an Anchor tank of sorts, so i gave her a larger shield, but not too big as to replace rein.

For the jump, i chose to give verticallity and a dash so that she can also be a pseudo dive tank that compliments D.va

The sticky i wanted, again to make it an easy dive target, and an alternative to pure shield break with and orisa/rein bunker comp (pirate ship included)

i was humming and hawwing with the health, i couldnt make her more then 600 total because thats the highest in the game (rein, d.va, hog) and i remember far too well the days of 400 armour d.va and the 30 second ttk. maybe i could add 50 more armour, with 50 less health, or maybe throw some shields in the health pool. idk.


  • 150 hp, 300 armour, 150 shields?
  • ttk at 80 dps approx. 11.25 seconds

The main Gwishin is actually noted to be basically an Omnium.
It can create its own Omnics & I’m sure it’s actually been addressed by Chu.

Wow I love these Dmon threads, let’s do this and nice work😁

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It has been addressed by Mr. Chu.

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Ah I’m sure there’s been clarification somewhere directly to the point that it is actually an Omnium aswell. :slight_smile:

trash, if this hero actually ever happens first thing i am doing is getting a buddy and intentionally de-meching and dps with babies dva/dmon

Probably not, they’re about as clear on the story as a block of wood. This week it could be an Omnic making other, smaller Omnic, next week it could be an Omnium, the week after that it may be some guy named Bob who’s a talon operator in an underwater garage putting together robots

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Thanks for all the feedback

She actually has a shield on both arms. You can see what they look like in d.vas short :slight_smile:

h ttps://overwatch.gamepedia.com/D.Mon

actually its just the one arm

Yeah I just went back and looked at the mech in game neat. I never caught that!

Do you know if the kaiju is the factory or not?

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Basically it is yeah, as far as I’m aware anyway. There is a giant “kaiju” Gwishin, the main body, which can produce other smaller Gwishin. I’m sure Chu has said somewhere about it actually being an Omnium :smiley:

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That’s what I thought too. But I’m struggling to find where he said it but I know he did. That would be such a cool thing to fight if you could get inside it and stuff :slightly_smiling_face:

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They confirm in this interview that there is an underwater Omnic factory :slight_smile: which must be an Omnium; whether this is the “kaiju” main body or a static factory underwater we don’t know I suppose.
I was sure I’d seen Chu confirm it is an Omnium…
I’d much prefer it if the giant Omnic we’ve seen is also the Omnium though ofc :slight_smile:

Also, I noticed that D.Mon’s mech on Busan has its knees bent in its hangar so it should be even taller when stood up properly :sweat:

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This sounds like you took D.va’s kit then fused it with Reinhardt’s.

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SHe would has huge hitbox in her mech. Just give her 200 health and armor 500 and 300 shield I think.

Lol is it as talls as the junker queens then? Her mech is really tall.

Also yay thank you for that :slight_smile:

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