What is the gwishin?

Isn’t the Giant Omnic destroyed though after attacking D. Va’s Team?

New ones replace etc…

Not entirely. It goes away after being hit, then comes back, improved.
Edit : forgot to mention, that happens every time

So what… is it like the Cluster from Steven Universe.

Idk, never seen that. Anyone can help me ?

It’s what you get when a chicken and a potatoe love each other very, very much… wait, those are chicken fries at Burger King… sorry :slight_smile:

I just figured everyone else knew what Gwishin was…

Have you ever seen the movie 9? If its kind of like an omnic building other omnics its similar to that!

Basically thinking a bunch of dead omnics, formed together,

Yes, even though I don’t remember it.
I remember I watched it when I was very young and got scared
Dude, you’re bringing back such old memories, that’s unexpected :slight_smile:

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Seriously, is it all the trashed Bastions unit dumped into the ocean, reformed?

Could explain.

I believe Michael Chu likened it to a mobile Omnium once before, which would support the whole, ‘it builds other Omnics to do its fighting’ THAT thing apparently rises from the ocean once per year before being driven back underwater by MEKA. I assume the Omnics we saw in the short are what it uses to attack in between its own attacks

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So it’s basically living proof that the Omnic crisis was never “finished”.

My understanding is gwishin means ghost. I’ve also heard the term Kishin which means like ogre God. I’m not clear if they are the same thing or if Kishin is just something people misheard.

If they aren’t the same thing, maybe the Kishin is the big Omnic and the Gwishin are smaller ones. If they are the same thing then perhaps ghost just refers to the hit and run tactics they use.

Regardless, these omnics come from the ocean and specifically terrorize Korea for some reason.

it is kishin, not gwishin

Michael Chu said it is Gwishin (at least for the ones in the short).

Chu said it’s Gwishin. It’s understandable where the confusion came from though, cause in the short it’s pronounced like a hard K

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Starting to think it’s similar story to this:

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aa my mistake then, though gwishin is kinda lame name


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It could be. I tend to assume that the omnics were a giant unified force. But perhaps they had their own differences and their own omnic allegiances. Maybe some omnics weren’t ready to give up the fight and went their own way at the end of the first crisis.


So basically Bastion, Orisa, and Zen could just talk to the Omnic and end any future battles.

(Betting Nano/ Meka could have or already has figured this out but would rather have a reason to gain money and other stuff from allies.)

(Is Meka Talon related?)