Were those Omnics REALLY Kishin?

I do also agree with this, the way the omnics looked, the way they behaved, it all looked like Talon more than the Kishin.

Because think about it, you can just tell by how the omnics were designed and how they act that they were clearly just doing a hit-and-run attack on the city. They were equipped with very few weapons (powerful weapons non the less) And they were all super small and fast, also. They never go directly for D.VA unless they have to. I think that they went for her towards the end of the fight, simply because they could see that the mission was failing, so at the very least they could take out one of the MEKA pilots.

Is this a crazy stupidly long theory on a simple suject? Sure, but I was bored and felt like writing it, have a nice day!

Comparing people to pure numbers is pretty heartless. Even D.Va wouldn’t think that way.


Lol. He’s making a joke. Kishin, Gwishin.


LOL I didn’t notice. I don’t know how to spell Kishin, so I thought Michael was spelling it right.

The heck is a gwishin? :confused:

A widdle kishin?

I think that op is implying that the enemies dva fought were from talon, not the kishin itself. Which itself would ba plausible, seeing as the goal of talon (under df) is to cause war and conflict

If it really is gwishin then D.va still isn’t tied into the rest of OW yet.


dude, that’s the entire plot of pacific rim, worst kaiju movie ever created with 2 good fights.

because automated long range railgun turrets are for sissies

I am a little confused about Gwishins schedule.

I heard the idea came from pacific rim, but arent these guys from a factory? Not that they have some small portal that can only be used once a month or something.

Maybe they follow rules of war and declare the attacks?..

Damn, you could have started a really interesting story about how talon is working with the omnics and how they started the first omnic crisis

The Korean army and MEKA don’t have a lot of solid intelligence and information about the gwishin (capabilities, specific location, or schedule), which contributes to the massive threat.


Okay. Then I guess it means inman Meka is the only usable defence and dva being alone in the first place was actually a very bad situation and daehyun must have been joking when he said she should take a break…no wonder he is friendzone

I am confused. I thought Meka squad fight gigantic Kaiju Omnic that invades Korea every few months. Where Gwishin came from? Is Kaiju making them?

I thought the giant omnic was called the gwishin, but is that name for all the omnics that attack Korea? If so, what is the main kaiju omnic called?

Aw man, so they aren’t Talon? Really hoping there was something that’d connect D.va to rest of the universe :[

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R.I.P. the dream.

Glad Michael clarified at least.

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Yeah it looks like he did a solid job answer some questions yesterday… and killing dreams

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Thanks Mr Chu.

Hated the “Talon was behind this” Theory anyway.

I’d rather more antagonists in the story than just solely Talon, Null Sector was a cool side to see during Uprising

Next time I DM a campaign for my D&D group, I’ll make a side quest involving a drow. The locals shall write fascinating tales about his terrible deeds and will give him the title “The Dream Slayer.”

Yes. Chew shall be a true terror to the city of Over Look.

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