This roadhog nerf got me thinking (Maybe dps/hitscan favoritism at play?)

After a month of crying roadhog was nerfed

But still ashe and widow run rampant :thinking:

Also Bap was unnecessarily nerfed during a previous patch

Thoughts? am I reading too much into it?

Oh btw the patch is live:

IMO Please dont crucify me for this


Wasn’t widow and Ashe nerfed in the last patch?


Roadhog made shields irrelevent, thats why ranged damage is strong.

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Barely imo


You know what makes widow and ashe strong? The lack of shields. Why is there a lack of shields? Because hog did so much damage to them so they are just useless to take. So what you are arguing here is this: omg I can’t understand why my hero is getting nerfed when it is making the heroes that I think need nerfing, strong.
Also widow and ashe were nerfed last patch. Just think about it for a second. What are the best counters to a widow. Well counter widow, shields and an well organized dive(dive doesn’t work when the widow player is a god tho so i’d rule this one as a working strat only at an OWL/contenders level, coz there everyone agrees to not trying to take an aim duel against widow with genji.) So then there is shields, which were made obsolete by hog and dive is useless against hog so you are left with counter widow. So result: everyone runs widow and ashe.


the nerfs did literally nothing


Also because they nerfed shields, but not the main reason they were popular

And imo it was because of widow, but not really ashe cause she wasn’t op at the time

Hog only really added to that because he made sure there were no shields to worry about, while also adding to the high damage

Now im not saying that hog shouldnt have been nerfed, im only questioning why hog was nerfed faster than ashe widow, and thoes 2 have been an outcry catalyst for longer


Widow damage falloff is what the f ever and ashe is still really good even tho they nerfed 5 damage per shot :slight_smile:


its not all of us, they only like hitscan players

DPS are always going to be catered to because they cry the loudest (because there are more of them), that’s how blizz always tries to balance. I’ve been punished on the forums for pointing it out, so be careful.


Faster? Shield nerfs and the hog buffs went live august 13th. Widow and ashe got nerfed august 31st. Hog got nerfed today, so it took pretty much a week for the hog buff to be reverted.

A: I wouldnt call thoes nerfs, not even a slap on the wrist tbh

B: Ashe and widow has been a public outcry even before the shield nerfs and hog buff (It was mostly ashe but still)

Ashe is pretty closed to balance she just needs dynamite nerfed a little bit

Widow needs RoF nerfs and she’ll be fine


haHAA they killed McCree, nerfed Ashe

they gave her a tiny little bitsy tap on the wrist for being a bad bad girl and then they let her go back to the carnage at hand. same with widow lmao

3 bullets is kinda big and the damage nerf made her one shot damage boost range way shorter

Wow, welcome to the present day. We knew this when they murdered Mercy

Its not favoritism towards dps players because after one month of crying genji was nerfed too.
I’d not say there’s favoritism for hitscan players, but right now the game feels redundand around hitscans in particular.
Though, with the hog nerfs Dive will finally be viable again so snipers will have some kinda of pressure on (or hopefully everyone will run the owl meta of Reaper/Sombra/Winston/Dva/Moira/Lucio)

Bap aoe was oppressive af, it made things unkillable. It needed to be addressed. Now it needs a shorter cooldown tho, imo.

Nerfed ? Widow? Are you nuts? She is evertwhere performing the exact same she did before…

What game are you playing? he was weak