This Kiriko Nerf is Pathetic

This is the dumbest nerf i have seen. Our reasoning is that supports spend a lot of time healing so lets just NERF THE HEALING. all this does is make kiriko players have to hold down the heal button more and spend more time to finally heal someone up until they can go back to actually playing the game.

Making it so that kiriko can weave in her kunais during her heal would make this better, along with being able to use the healing offuda at any time during the heal burst. example you start the heal with 2 offuda. go into 1 kunai. use the remaining 3 offuda. then can use 2 more kunai. This gives low level players the time they need to change targets that they are healing and slow things down with ought a big healing output penalty. allows kiriko players to use kunai more effectively while healing up small bits of damage. and also space out the healing while healing poke damage. This is a way healthier way to address the heal bot issue than trying to nerf a character in a role that is struggling so much. either take actual time to make real changes or rename the role to spectator. I would also give kiriko a faster projectile speed on the kunai and then buff all other supports to meet her at that level. after that consider if the role would need further changes to make them have impact on the game.


And here I thought you were gonna complain that they still didn’t touch suzu in any meaningful way, but instead you’re complaining that they nerfed her at all


Not saying I agree with this change, but the change was made so that people CAN weave kunai in between her reloading her heals more.

That being said, it’s really suzu that needs a nerf or two.


Wait where are the patch notes?

Supports are struggling because Ana and Kiriko are the only too non-throw picks atm.

They both need much larger nerfs if there is gonna be a reason to play any other support. Kiriko’s kit is overloaded af and she is the best support right now, you’re lucky she only got a tiny nerf.


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You could of just waited by yourself. its just removing an option. it dosent even add another kunai you can throw its still 2.

They really didn’t need to nerf any support heroes. It’s godawful in this game.


Nah, the real problem is the damage profile of tanks and dps. It has nothing to do with buffing or nerfing supports directly.


Before you had to have really good timing to get one kunai off in between ofuda. This change is just to make that a basic part of her playstyle, much like Baptiste. We’ll see how it feels, but it really isn’t a HUGE deal. They obviously want to lean her away from her healbot playstyle.


they need to stop nerfing her


Is Mercy a throw pick?

They just need to nerf her suzu… And Ana’s biotic grenade while they’re at it. She is by far the most overpowered support.


i think it was dumb too since all it does is nerf low tier kirikos more that high elo tier ones. i mean i do try and dps with kiriko and im terrible with my suzu timing but all i have going for me is trying to heal and now thats nerfed…



She might be now with Sojourn nerf.

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shes not overpowerd lol get better at the game

Bold of you to assume Sojourn won’t still be Meta.


If you were better at the game you would know she has dominated high elo ever since she was released. Sorry, but she needs to be on a level playing field with the other supports.


There is a nerf in there with boost. Who knows if Sojourn is worth boosting anymore.

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DPS and tanks need nerfs too, but right now Ana and Kiriko make every other support irrelevant. Ana did not need the latest buff she got and has been the best support for years now. Every support should have a weakness, Ana has high damage, high healing, good utility, good CC and the only weakness she has is no mobility. Zen has high damage… and that’s it, but oh wait his weaknesses are no mobility, no cc, giant hitbox and low healing.

Kiriko literally has 0 weaknesses as well.

She wasn’t good before Sojourn was added, and is still the exact same balance wise as she was on release so compared to Ana and Kiriko, yes.