This Kiriko Nerf is Pathetic

All other supports need bigger buffs. support is boring because they have no impact on the outcome of the matches


People are still complaining about Suzu? When there is finally a meaningful alternative for supports to counter Anti-Heal, then we can touch Suzu.

As it is now, Anti-Heal basically looks at the entire Support Roster and invalidates half of all those characters abilities, even more so for Brig. Her Overhealth on her pack doesn’t even work, and I’m fairly certain her ultimate doesn’t grant overhealth.

Suzu, at a 12 second CD at least lets you choose to counter Anti-Heal, or some other effect.


Just nerf both and we’ll be good. This is coming from an Ana main too.

That isn’t going to happen.

Ana has more of an impact on games than any other support does.

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Good. Incentivizing the healers to have considerable primary focus on healing to reach their match based goals is definitely what they should be doing. Suzu is already fine and her ultimate is something that is almost solemnly based on the skill of the players themselves so it’s not something that itself just does something. Nothing wrong with this

The only problematic thing about supports at this point are simply Ana’s sleep dart and antinade. Just get rid off those and the entire role is fine after some buffs to the weaker part of it :slight_smile:

This is literally a change that is going to make her feel worse to play. No one except maybe a top 500 player is going to be weaving more Kunai between her healing.

Consistently landing headshots is already pretty challenging when you’re focusing on that. Do they really think between each burst of healing I’m going to have time to throw a kunai and it someone in the head?

No one except the top .01% of players will be doing that.

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It dorsnt matter. She fires almost 2 per 1sec. So heal. Fire 2. Heal. Fire 2. If you hs great if not you spammed a choke point.

I agree they probably should’ve made her dmg more consistent to compensate. The triple crit gimmick is cute but 60 dmg with the standard 2x multiplier would be better. Maybe even be a little bolder and go 50dmg with the widow 2.5x multiplier for 125dmg crits :smiling_imp:


Any nerf against kiriko is a justified nerf in my opinion

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Forum takes: The thread.

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I think you’re missing the point of this change. Kiriko is basically a glorified ult farming heal bot if you want to play her “properly” which is awfully boring this is nerfing the strongest support in the game while also making not throwing to use her kunai more consistently. You overrate how hard it is to land kunai as well you can just spam at head level and pretty consistently land a headshot or two.

God forbid mercy having any competition in the consistent healing department.

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im not complaining about kiriko nerfs but she absolutely NEEDS TO BE ABLE TO RELOAD WHILE THROWING HEALING OFUDAS. this new nerf makes her less of a healbot and more of a spam- support and i think thats healthy for the game but she feels so clunky with her reload being cancelled by shooting anyways.

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I just don’t think an extra .15 is enough time to really make the play style change. It just means she’s still going to be healing less.

It feels really clunky now.


Sleepy, found a tech with Kiriko where if you begin the reload animation for her kunai, you can cancel it with her Ofuda. It means an extra key stroke but you can bypass her Ofuda recovery by starting her reload animation. The Kiriko nerf changes nothing if you already use this tech.


How does a change that increases the recovery time between heal waves force Kiriko to hold the heal button more? You can keep holding it between heal waves I suppose, but it doesn’t do anything during the recovery. You can, however, perform actions other than healing during the 1s recovery time. If you’re just twiddling your thumbs during that time, you’re doing it wrong.

The purpose of the change is specifically to make more space for dealing damage between heal waves. Previously, it was technically possible to squeeze in 2 kunai without slowing the rate of heals, but the timing was so tight that no one could do it while actually aiming the kunai. Now there is time for 2 aimed kunai shots before you’re able to heal again.


Thank you, someone has logic.

I just don’t get why we are nerfing any kind of healing output to allow players to focus doing damage… as a support character… like the whole concept of this role is to heal. Yet the support roster has dps focused healers. Then they make orisa less tanky despite her being a tank. Just let the roles have meaning. Support is healing focused not damage


As someone who loves Kiriko this is the right nerf.

You can’t have high survivability and high healing on. Support its too much. Ana bap should outheal her

Suzu nerfs only if Ana grenade is nerfed. They essentially compete now so if one is nerfed the other probably needs a nerf too. Suzu is fine though and I think Ana grenade just comes off cooldown too much but I mean suzu it and done so.