They said something about Sombra

Just an update for everyone who didn’t see it (as it’s in a fairly unrelated post on the mm system):

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Don’t expect a buff i think


Fixed a bug that prevented Sombra’s Translocator from being destroyed when it was thrown off a level
Fixed a bug that prevented Sombra’s Hack from interrupting Symmetra’s Teleporter placement
Fixed a bug caused Sombra’s Hack to be interrupted by thin environment objects (e.g. lamp posts)

I imagine the 1.25 patch will fix the bugs from the PTR, but I Don’t think it’ll fix all the bugs found here A list of Sombra’s Many, Many Bugs (6)

You quoted the wrong stuff.

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Just when you thought their attitude towards Sombra couldn’t be more arrogant…

Well played.

Its not really news. Its written in the patch notes for the PTR. However 2 out of 3 fixes are just related to new bugs introduced on the PTR.

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Well, the news it that they made a post that wasn’t patch notes talking about/addressing Sombra.

It’s like they don’t take it seriously. “We fixed some of the bugs”
Yeah, 2 of them you created the very same patch and one extremely minor fix (that shouldn’t have been there to begin with). That should solve the Sombra issue once and for all. Surely.


Was about to say the same thing. 2 of the bugs are from the new symmetra, which shouldn’t be part of “bugs”.
Not satisfied, but all we can do is wait. At least they mentioned her name in a comment for once.

“Patch 1.25 does fix some Sombra bugs” says nothing to me. For all we know they could be referring to fixing graphical bugs or something unimportant and leave the real problems, like her kit being busted five ways from Tuesday, unresolved.

But fixing Sombra bugs would mean she’d actually be viable, and god forbid the pros have to play against Sombra!

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We assume it’s the same bugs they listed on the PTR patch note a few weeks ago so…

So yeah. It fixes nothing. It only prevents her from breaking even more. Yay?

No they just put the link to the post.

It automatically puts what’s at the top.

“Fixed some bugs”

Yeah that were caused by the PTR patch itself lmao

Really not reassuring. If they told us they’re going to start working on ironing her bugs out - once and for all - then I would be reassured.

But a few?..that’s a drop in the ocean. Rubbish.

:confetti_ball::tada::sparkles: Exactly! Let’s rejoice! They won’t make her even worse than she is today! Wooh! Praise the Blizzard overlords! :confetti_ball::tada::sparkles:

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Honestly, I’m kinda excited to see about that last one.

The “thin objects” seems to be the biggest issue as I’ve seen. Between that and the fact that it seems like there’s some kind of invisible object blocking these hacks just makes it seem like a good bug fix.

Now we just have to stop the hack from canceling on movement abilities, jumping, and landing, and we’re almost set.

It annoys me that Sombra was Trashed due to bein “too oppressive” but Hanzo is given free reign to get easy headshots and have spam abilities on short cooldown.

Is that not oppressive? Like, way more oppressive than Sombra ever was?

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But! But! But!
Hacking is so “unfun”! Fun to me is getting insta-killed by a Hanzo panic-spamming arrows in your general direction! That is fun!


Honestly bug fixes won’t bring Sombra to a state of playability. She needs her kit reworked in some major ways. She doesn’t have the damage to hang with any other DPS, so either buff her gun damage or rework her abilities.

Make stealth a toggle without a time limit to allow her to move more easily around and not always be so rushed all the time. Allow it to still be broken by damage, both dealt and received, but not by hacking. Or remove the timer on her Translocator because even with the increased duration it STILL feels way too short to get anything meaningfully done during it. Getting one hack and maybe a quarter of a clip off before having to warp out of a teamfight really breaks the flow and leaves your team at a numbers disadvantage.