They said something about Sombra


And he gets a minor slap on the wrist, is left for months untouched and blatantly OP.

Better than scatter and he deserves to be viable but LMAO they’re so slow to tone him down slightly and so swift to sledgehammer Sombra.

Not in this meta anyway for sure. Even decent DPS classes are struggling to keep up so Sombra is definitely out…

So. Give Sombra armor-piercing rounds? :grimacing:

How is that arrogant at all? Stop babying and be patient.

Its a good start, but Sombra will never be good unless she gets a revert on her hack and LOS changes

True. I mean, we have only waited for 2 years to have a viable Sombra and seen patch after patch fail to make any sense of the hero. Surely if we just wait a bit longer. Give them the benefit of the doubt…

And arrogant? Oh I don’t know. Promise to make sure she “lands in a good spot” and then never mention her again?

Presenting them with a long list of hero breaking bugs and get the reply “we have fixed them” when they haven’t?

Still isn’t arrogant at all. Arrogant means full of yourself.

trash. thanks for improving the ptr quality. while on live shes a walking bug.