The official Mei fanclub (v. 2.0) (Part 1)

You never played the game so that doesn’t count.

That really depends on my ult charge, but I also want my Mercy ready for her ult.
So conflicted…?
As sort of a Mercy mei-n myself I always disengage healing stream when Mei hits ice block.


jiangshi mei is best mei :slight_smile:

also mor ppl use default than any other.


yet using a festival one is fine year round? :roll_eyes:

jiangshi is hopping vampire. they arent tied to specific season v-v


retro zarya skin is awesome!

only if ur bad. most damage is from MB2.

he (not so) secretly is in an affair with akaras.

i agree. as a mercy main they keep the threats (genji, tracer, etc) in check :D!

that we do.

doesnt widowmei have a Switch? FF& is available on the eshop (or will be soon i 4get)

also widowmei randomly liking a post in another thread. stalker.

it charges fast enough as it isnt a super impactful ult like others :frowning:

mercy main.

as a fellow mercy main you need to learn that only mei gets the mei-n form.

I shipped you and akaras first.

But you are a Mei main. I thought we have already established this.

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I think this is part of the reason you scared seren away. Just because someone likes a post of yours does not make them a stalker.


I never see it now o.0

The festive one is the red and yellow one widow bought

Ewww… I only like one Zarya skin. I think it was the anniversary skin, the one with the helmet. Compared to Winston who skins I dislike all but classic.

It’s a secret.

Or just wait for remake to come out.

I agree but every little bit helps. I really enjoyed rez reset but they took it away… I had my fun with it.

I didn’t want you to come in here and hang me over improper use of the spelling.


She is!


nah. mercy main.
only a main if u willingly pick something.

mei (and lately sombra) are my fall backs when mercy is taken (which is a lot for me D:!

console issue likely v_v

isnt classic ff7 that became legendary.
only get it for the HD graphics of Cloud crossdressing to sleep with a rich guy.

gotta teach you proper mercy main usage. Forums are a dangerous palce for us to be and you need all help you can get to survive as one.

I could believe that more people use the default skins than legendary skins, cause legendary skins are much more expensive.
Its like saying more people drive Toyota camrys than Lamborghinis.

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I was thinking the same. It’s always chang’e, pajamei, or bee keeper.

But if widow really likes FF7 he will be upset he has to buy remake RIGHT after just buying classic. I really like classic with all the translation errors and such.

That is what I’m looking forward to the most.

I have it in my PSN inbox that I am a great Mercy, one dude even sent me a message calling me a goat!
I had to look it up so I knew wat he was taking about.

I don’t see them anymore, it is like back in my CoD days I was the only one using a M16 with no attachments and wrecking the enemy team.

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Did you ever play modern warfare 2 or black ops 3?.. Two of my favorite games of all time

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jiangshi is most adorable <3
that face :smiley:

wont ever have to change disc midway through game multiple times :frowning:

this was actually why i bought a ps4…if it doesnt make it to ps4 i will be annoyed.

its okay. We mercy mains have firm ties and we got each others back.

which is good when you are a mercy main :D!

the last “good” one if what masses say is true.

(i dont like any of cod)

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And you wonder why you get suspended…
I gave your last post a like, I hope that doesn’t make me a “stalker”. Seriously, I never stalk, I just read a ton of posts on the forum (158k to be exact), I’m bound to run into one of yours eventually.

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no. 99.9% of them were false and reverted v_v

mods just dont like me.

also forum ppl reporting any mercy post they hate.

I dont break rules v_v

alos the game dev even know how iconic that aprt of game is.!
As the final question during the interview, however, Tetsuya was asked the important question on many gamers’ minds: Would there still be a segment included in the Final Fantasy VII Remake in which Cloud would crossdress? Tetsuya Nomura’s reply came simply as “Please look forward to it.”

and responded to it. so that isnt stalkerish.

I played them all untill advance warfare, I did a little bit of blops3 but advance warfare is were I announced my retirement. I had to retire because I like Overwatch much more than CoD.

It is a nice Mei skin I just do not like year round seasonal skins. (Still has headless horseman Reaper equipped since year one)

That broke my heart when I got FF7 for my PS3 and transferred it to my PSP.

I get the feeling lots of people share you feelins on this one. I had a PS4 long before the 2015 announcement and got super excited now I feel like it might be a launch title for PS5. There are rumors of a late 2019 or early 2020 release for remake on PS4, bad news is they still want to make remake seasonal…

I would say something but my time played still favors Mercy… But my Mystery hero time played has Sombra on top as of recently!

It was okay but my personal favorite was blops2.
MW2 was full of OMA and noob tubers, I ended up makeing a class just like theirs to counter them because I was better.

The cross dressing part in FF7 is no joke. It was the game that was mostly serious sitting back and letting the player have some fun. You don’t ways get picked to be with the Don but when you do it’s just alot of funny dialog before your allies come in to rescue you.

If it’s not in the game I will just stick to classic FFVII.

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I played ow two days ago, it was the first time I played the game in a really long time. I had a ton of fun.

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issue is this:
even IF the 1st part makes it to ps4…its gonna be atleast 3 parts and given a year + between em it would cross to likely the ps5 generation :confused:

been using sombra a lot to try and limit my mei playing (getting better)
shes now my 5th most played and gonna pass widowmaker soon.

you have to ge ta specific score to be picked.
and each clothing you obtain has a score linked to it.
you could be picked every time if u get correct ones!

already stated to be in it for sure.

i also played it recently for 1st time in months.

btw ^_~
some1 posted ball python on reddit :o

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My big girl hasn’t eaten since November.
She always does this during breeding season, but it’s always disheartening.

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not nice to call her big D:

Hey y’all
I had a request from a friend to do a PachiMarchi drawing with Mei and Junkrat so I thought I’d share it with you all.
I didn’t wanna bother anyone with having to click a link to my tumblr to see it so it’s just the image (sorry if its small)


It’s a compliment to sneks.

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Switch Roadhog and Mei Roles? (Everyone here seems to agree.... so why not?) gonna leave this here