The official Mei fanclub (v. 2.0) (Part 1)


my rosy boa is a perfect snake slenderness.

We’d be better off not getting it for PS4. It kills me to think I won’t get it day one but with PS5 mei-e be soon to be announced I think I have to wait…

But Mei is the best! Play Mei more as widow says “Mei is bae”

FF7 was the first game I really got into and the first time I didn’t get picked was the only I let the Don not pick me everytime after I pick who he picks, mostly I make him pick Tifa.

Oh it better be.

I like the snow rabbit??? In the background, don’t know if it was intentional.

Everything is great in moderation. At most I probably play three or two times a week. I used to play comp everyday but I ended up getting so mad because my team was mostly uncooperative.
Now I only play when my buddies are on or just to get the weekly boxes.

Was it fun at least?

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Yes. Yes. This thread is good. Also more Mei/Junkrat fanart! It’s great!

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i need to teach you how to be a mei typist too?
cause it is mei-be.
mei-e doesnt work.

but i like mercy more and always have.

disgusting D: why would you let that creepy guy pick her D: she was best girl.

how them MHW events going :roll_eyes:

dislike new hero as his field negates too much dmg and a 250hp generator is more than some heroes have.

mhmm widowmei agrees :wink:

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Disagree and disappointed in you hotaru. Everyone knows Mei and Widowmaker have more in common.

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But I still deserve the criticism.

Mei can freeze people and make them like her!

I like Aerith more, she has the hots for Zack but I still like Aerith.

My main guy hasn’t been getting on MHW all we do is Overwatch. I thought with this week long break we would do alittle MHW but CoD Modern Warfare is free on PlayStation Plus this month and that’s all he wants to play… I am CoD retired I don’t want to play CoD anymore.

I suspect it will get nerfed because he also has his alt fire for healing. That ability heals more than a Ana bionade so they need to buff the Ana self heal or nerf the new guy self heal.

They can both snipe and run away really well!

Sniping with mei is funner than widow imo. Don’t get me wrong, getting headshots with widow feels super rewarding, but I don’t like that you sort of have to camp while you are playing her.

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start hunting some more then :wink:

she already has top tier hp/s and the best healing ultimate. she doesnt need more self heal :expressionless: she has cc and anti heal on top of that even.

there was a reason mei got her falloff dmg ages ago casue ppl QQ’d mei sniped too good o3o

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Hey you did play CoD! What weapon type did you use most?
I was all about my subbies.

I need people to play with to hunt. I cant solo Behemoth or Kulve. I haven’t tried the witcher 3 cross over yet. I think my HR is 115? I did the last quest alone a few weeks ago and have been trying the new stuff.

Than nerf the dude! His self heal is ridiculous.

Didn’t they remove it later? now she has no falloff damage

It depended on the game. In some cods the ar class was best, in other cods the smgs were best.
Some of my favorite weapons include:
MSMC, mp40, ACR, Famas, and ump 45.

Let Cryofreeze reload!


Best gun in CoD imo.

I have a huge fan of the P90 since I first used it in Golden Eye 007 when it was called the RC P90 naturally when I got the PDW that was my weapon of choice.

Unfortunately we don’t have any fast running high ammo capacity heroes in Overwatch yet but I am waiting patiently.
(Best for Overwatch not to give in to that request)

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I almost included the pdw from bo2, and I completely forgot about the p90. It’s a great gun.

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Not as great as the ACR from MW2. The accuracy on that thing was a-mei-zing.

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for kulve u have wait for the event to be up and u do it with the entire room (every 4man group counts for progress)

behemoth is rarely hunted. by far the most annoyingly difficult boss in game.

then feel bad about using IG so much ^_~



You missed out on one of the best FPS of its time.

I have tried it out, It’s just to clunky for my style.
On CoD I rarely used LMG or AR because they limited my mobility. So same with GS it’s just too big, I do use GS on arena challenges where I can’t use IG.

I got it down to phase 2 but ran out of time turns out there are like 5 other phases…

Ewww, I don’t like playing with randoms on a game I can barely play.

I do have a ton of mats though lots of max potions seemingly unlimited gold and RP. I made lots of the healing mist stuff and I am sure I can make one of everything except for the Kulve and Behemoth stuff.

GS lets you draw straight to a TGS :expressionless:also can tackle through msot atatcks w/o being knocked back…and you can block!

1st is at start and ends with 1st meteor.
2nd is after that and ends after 2nd metero.
3rd is when he dies and does his final meteor. (if u die to this you still fail even thoguh he is dead)

AT elders gear :D?

Does gs stand for golden state?
And does ig stand for Instagram?

I don’t think I have done a AT fight. I have took out lots of tempered but I’m not sure about AT.

Well if I had more time.
Yeah right…

All of that is good but it feel like I can’t attack when I want. At least I’m a IG main and not a DB or LS main. There is some skill involved with IG, kinsects load out, mounting, ground attacks over air attacks, getting all the kinsect buffs, ending combos with triangle for optimal damage, air dodge…


GS = Great Sword
IG = Insect Glaive (my favorite weapon in MHW)

you lied then :O!!!

AT armor sets have different skill/sockets v_v

/pity pat

its okay im sure akaras doesnt think any less of you for this.

there is a reason ppl dont run him much.

he is BRUTAL. especially the tempered version (u will see ppl do it once with friends and never again just for the armor set xmog look)

if nobody has threat on him (red line) he chain casts his whirlwinds all tiem and can legit fill a room. why u always want someoen to have him focused on em.

mantle to not get flinched, crit dmg/crit chance, TGS 90% will knock nergigante down every time and he can do NOTHING.

a stick and a bug <_<

huge greatsword larger than body.