Switch Roadhog and Mei Roles? (Everyone here seems to agree.... so why not?)

(just roles, no buffs or Nerfs or Reworks)

Honestly at this point, They already are, in all but name.

Why don’t we just get it over with?

(Honestly this bugs me, though likely my Asperger’s but still bugs me.)

If we get 2-2-2, they probably will do that. I mean, Mei’s more tank than Roadhog in my opinion.
Mei has strong survivability, 2 peeling tools (1 without CD), and zoning ult. Roadhog on the other hand is tank because he’s thicc.

most mei-ns would agree to this. she is a low hp cc tank.

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Roadhog’s High Damage is just like Bastion having high damage.

(Doesn’t make Roadhog a tank.)

Seriously what would it take to get a Dev to answer this?

Yeah, bastion is as much of a tank as RH. Plus he can literally turn into a smol tank.

Yeah, bastion is more tank than roadhog tbh, he had a shield too didnt he?

I’d prefer just making it so that both of the heroes are selectable for both Roles.

He also displaces enemies and controls space with his presence…

Yes, but he has to get his aim right, wait on his cooldown if he missed, and not be a fat feast for the enemy’s ults. (And after that, you might as well count him as a pick hero or a sniper. Because doing all that is not really Tanking, that’s just an tank like ability. Brig has a shield for example… thats an tank like ability… that doesn’t suddenly make her a tank.)

And if you talking about RH’s Ult… well, just a reminder… Bastion’s ULT IS A TANK. (So that logic, that the ult makes you a tank is flawed.)

(Mei’s entire kit is based on disrupting enemies and controlling space… so that logic only suits her more.)