The Mercy Nerf is an Indirect Nerf to Every Hero 💔


I just want to make this out-statement :yellow_heart:
these changes, well nerf to Mercy is an indirect nerf to literally every hero in the game, even Winston as these changes is a nerf to every hero substantial for every heroes and more so tanks.

  • So before everyone gets excited with these changes, I challenge everyone to sit down and actually think about these changes.
    • I just want everyone to think about these changes.

Regardless, she is still going dominates, but however, everyone who gets healed by Mercy will feel and notice these changes.

New Mercy nerf actually needs more than you think

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People need to calm down, this is just a revert back to the release HPS of mercy. When she was still the most powerful healer.


nah it’s only a nerf to mercy.


Sombra Mains will rise from the ashes of the garbage tier.


Maybe we can finally see some more Ana, who is pretty much designed to be the burst healer.

Mercy gets sustained heals, Ana gets burst heals.


Finally… All bow before our 40% (at best) accuracy! :heart_eyes:


I think they did it because they figured it was an easy, simple way to manage her power level compared to other supports. I can think of many better changes for Mercy, but none are anywhere near as simple as this change. No skill changes, just raw numbers.

The question is: will it be enough combined with the other changes?


a change to one character has an effect on the entire cast O-O


If you truly think about it, it’s not just a nerf to just Mercy though. Lol I am fine with these nerfs as it does really affect her so much.


Idk man, i think she’d stay relevant after the nerf


Dude it’s literally a buff to Winston.


Lol, this is not a rant of any sort, I just want people to truly think about these changes as these will affect her and the whole cast.


Yes it is a buff to Winston, however, reverse the situation it’s also a nerf to Winston…


Well, for one, winston’s tickle gun will actually hurt people through her healing. So that’s good.


Ofc it’s going to affect hero choices, that’s the point of this. She’s still going to be most reliable healer considering she’s able to heal through barriers and defensive matrix and is not running out of resources. It’s not going to be the end of the world if game won’t be in the state of constant Overhealing. You’ll have to play more safer for sure which is nice in my opinion.

Why do people consider these changes to affect only 1 hero. This change+ falloff buff could possibly shift whole meta again. Someone also posted about PTR hanzo’s turbofart (forgot skills name) and widows hook nerf (they might be just bugs tho). Then there’s a Wrecking Ball incoming too.
And it’s not like it’s going to be tested seriously before it hits comp anyway so forum drama is unnecessary since it won’t change anything anyway as always


Most definitely, she will still dominate as I stated above.


This person gets it.


If it’s a nerf to everyone it’s a nerf to no one


It’s more so not the hero, but the nerf to the consistent healing that Mercy brings is whats going affect the entire cast.