Symmetra Rework: Defense or Support?

What about shield gen? Scrapped?


Now I’m thinking about Symmetra using it on Illios and having it appear on Junkertown.


So are you gearing her up to be another anti-tank character that destroys riens shield? Rien already has enough issues.


Her ult seem very underwhelming…Just a infinite size moving shield? Thats it?

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Now I’m worried about shield gen as an ultimate now, since i can see it as not having a lot of impact. You can’t move it once you place it, you can’t destroy it if its not useful anymore. Now it just feels like a clunky ability, instead of an actual ultimate. Why bother using it when you’re at risk of not being able to use the other one?


Oh I just realized we don’t need her to lob the turrets if the portal idea goes through. Because she’ll be able to reposition herself onto the high ground to get angles behind the enemy anyway.

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Hey, thanks for all of the details and multiple posts :slight_smile:

Has any consideration gone into the possibility of implementing this as a new hero rather than as a rework?

You’d have a significantly higher development cost to implement this as a new hero but, the outcome might be better overall.

Players that like the current Sym better than the the rework or that like both would be happy at not having their character facing oblivion. (A small portion of Sym players posts that I’ve seen say they need the auto aim to play the game due to physical limitations)

Players that don’t like Sym as a character would probably be happier playing as someone new. (I think a portion of the poor treatment Sym gets is due to how the character comes across to players. She connects with some amazingly well but, she also annoys other players significantly.)

Players that like Sym’s character more than whatever you create that is new that like the new mechanics better would be getting a less than ideal outcome.

Players that hate Sym’s mechanics would still be annoyed with her being present still.


Instead of her lobbing huge energy balls through his shield, chunking him and his teammates for free ult charge, she’ll have to get close to him and wear down his 2000 health shield with her beam without dying. If anything this probably makes her less of a Reinhardt counter.


I do have a question though, it seems that she is still missing one extra ability. Anything new to substitute the photon barrier?

So does that mean Shield Gen is completely taken out of the game?


That’s amazing! I can’t wait to play her on PTR when it comes!

I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to post this!


The new teleporter replaces it


The telliporter is replace photon barrier. The barrier is replacing her telliporter as the new ultimate.


so wait can she not give her allies shields anymore? or does her ult also give shields?

Correct, the shield generator is gone at the moment.


when you say “wall” do you mean a solid surface ? or is it the same material where you can pass through ?

She is a defensive character in the build he is talking about. She no longer needs to give health/shields as she is DPS character now.


Ahh ahh ahh right

Man I’m stupid on missing this xD

I’m getting the feeling there’s no more SHEEEEEIIIIILD generatah…


Please keep it that way.