Symmetra Rework: Defense or Support?

thats kinda sucks though. she was the only hero that could give shields (briggite and torb give armor) is there not a way she could still give sheilds? like a passive or something?


That’s too bad, I’ll miss being able to decide what ultimate I think will be best depending on the situation.


I’m so glad I will never hear that line ever again.


symmetra was the only hero that could give shields and it would suck for hero to not do that anymore


I don’t see why there needs to be a hero that can give shields


Is it possible to include a much weaker version as a passive? Maybe about 25 shields. What if she has it connected to the damage ramp of her weapon?


Thank you so much for the information!
Symmetra is my favorite character and I’m very interested to see how she plays, although I am a little wary of some of the changes, overall I’m excited!

That’s her new ult. She gives shields to the entire damn map.

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Ah man now I want the Overwatch guys to make a shield vampire character that drains health/barriers as the attack and then charges up shield health by doing so. (A mix of Moira and Doomfists passives)

(Geoff I release this idea to your personal use if you so want it. Though I’d ask for some reference to Prometheus just for my own small ego enjoyment) :wink:

I understand what you’re saying but currently Armor is a better version of hp shield, sadly it’s a mechanic that’s pretty weird in comparison

it’s a unique ability that no other hero has and it would suck to remove it


Is she going to get any sort of passive though?
I’m really interested in this because there’s so many things that can be done with her kit due to her hard light bending nature.



The teleporter implementation actually makes sense based on the end of game card that we got teased with earlier, but it sounds super fun to play with. Does it deploy fast enough to be viable as a quick one-way escape from, say, a D.Va ult?

Ult sounds intriguing, and I can’t actually guess at how powerful it’ll end up being based on the description alone. I assume you can still walk through it like other barriers?

i have a bad feeling about this… last time an ultimate was moved over to a regular ability (cough cough mercy) all hell broke loose


Unique =/= good20 characters


Could we possibly get the same option for her ult on her E? Like a smaller ranged version of her Shield Generator with a lower cast time and a set duration so that it can be used in a mid-fight to give your team some extra burst hp on a cooldown? (We don’t have this atm and it would be very effective).


Her telaporter was never on the same level of instant impact as resurrect.


There was nothing wrong with her shield generator and it was a really fun ability.

it’d much rather have a fun but situitional ability, then a boring ability


Geoff, is the tele targeted like reaper or do you have to build both sides like engi?

Which means that if it is removed from Symmetra’s kit, it would be open for another future hero to possibly implement.

I still haven’t given up hope on the dream of a “non-healing support”, not yet anyways…

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