Symmetra as support?

What do you think would be a better ult change or keep her ult the same if you did think sym as a supportive role? I completely understand why shields wouldn’t be viable.

I know it better than you.

I was there when Sym 1.0 had 50 shields photon shields.

I was there when Sym 2.0 released. I mained her to Diamond.

I was there when Sym 3.0 was revealed, and I was right in every prediction of how bad she would be.

Symmetra 2.0 was a support in label only. A hero so wholly closer to Torbjorn and Mei in gameplay and role that she was planned to be switched to defense before the rework.

Sit down.

No one cares. Everything in this game is annoying. If it wasnt, it wouldnt be a pvp game. Tracer is annoying. Moira is annoying. Monkey is annoying. Zarya is annoying. Your main is annoying, whoever they are. Every hero who can do something relevant to stop you from winning is annoying.

Are sentries annoying you? Good, thats their literal job. Deal with it.

They didnt playtest the impact Symmetra’s rework was going to have on maps. They barely playtested her at all.

You clearly dont know that she didnt pass through the PTR.

Sym 3.0 was released untested, horrendously buggy and downright unplayable into live game directly. It was so buggy and untested that her beam had an exploit that melted teams by dealing 240 dps with zero charge.

They literally did not play test this rework at any point. It took them a whole year to do basic things that should have been noticed while doing any competent playtesting, like TP destroying railings.

Its not. People dont take it. You can beg them and they wont. Teammate RNG will give you a cooperative as much as it will give you morons who call you slurs until you switch off Sym.

You can ask Sym players and they will tell you that cooperative teams are an unreliable rarity, There were times when we were mass reported for picking Symmetra, verbally abused because we asked them to take TP.

So no, dont come here to think that its OWL or premade team performance is indicative of how it performs in the real game.

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IDK man. All I’m reading is a bunch of bashing other characters and acting like yours isn’t bad after admitting it yourself. Also, just because you felt it was just a support label doesn’t mean you weren’t wrong in your initial comment.

All you’ve been doing is crapping on everyone else’s ideas to potentially make YOUR main better in any, not every, way. Look around you my guy, no one here cares that she’s your main and no one is bashing that either.

We’re all just trying to come together and think of some honestly interesting ideas. If you can’t contribute, then I would suggest leaving this conversation. Don’t hit your head on the way back into the hole you crawled out of. Or do, I don’t care


I would rather they double down on her construction abilities. Let her build constructs like ramps and bridges, this could be completely game changing and let teams with her in their comp ignore certain choke points, or allow her to enable less mobile comps on maps that generally don’t allow it.

Would of course be a nightmare to program I imagine, but I also feel like building that foundation could allow for these kinds of elements to be added to the kits of other heroes as well.

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Who? I havent said much of other characters.

I am the first one to admit that Sym is terribad and weak idk where you are coming.

All your ideas are crap. Sorry I tell you this but maybe start by trying to understand why she is bad right now instead of regurgitating the same bad ideas that have been said for the last 3 years thinking minor healing and a label change are going to make her a good hero.

Because no, Symmetra who is forced to heal is not Symmetra.

I will not. This is a public forum.

The basis of this conversation doesnt add anything to Symmetra other than poorly conceived ideas that dont solve anything, and I did explain several times why, and apparently because its not sugarcoated you are just putting your hands in your ears and pretending I am just Some Ungrateful Hater.

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I find none those heroes annoying. Maybe if find just about hero annoying, then why are playing? Do even have fun playing? I do. Sounds this may not be your game if every little bitty thing in the game gets your your itty bitty nerves. You poor baby.

I know. You should talk to Orisa. I hear she likes to give out hugs.

Here is an archive link that shows SYM 3.0 going on the PTR. This is were the community playtested her changes after they had already tested her internally. Get your facts straight. She DID get playtested and just because she was “buggy” doesn’t mean she wasn’t. That’s called every game every - they all have bugs. “Deal with it.”

Another link to disprove you:

Here is another made by OW Dev Geoff Goodman himself. A feedback thread for when she was in the PTR:

Not in my rank. People are more coordinated. Sure, you won’t get every team to cooperate. But that’s solo queue life. If you want better teamwork, find friends. Though, with your antagonist demeanour, I can see how that may be hard to find for you.

Don’t care for OW1 or how they utilize heroes. They paly at a level far beyond use regular folks and they game is literally (not figuretively) different at that level of play. Those are players that practice and play 60-80 hours a week. What goes on there doesn’t have much relevance to majority player base.

Edit: I’m going to sleep now. I’ll continue my dialogue with you tomorrow.

Oh no the debaters are here?

That would be just worse TP.

Symmetra doesnt need to be even more tied to the concept of map breaking for her team. That is exactly what makes her completely unviable. Like… what are ramps and bridges supposed to accomplish? How is a hero like that supposed to do anything other than be a glorified terrain creator?

Utility box heroes are not viable in OW. They have never been.

lol hes been here youre idea iss interesting but im not sure how that would be implemented

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I’m speaking in addition to TP.

And…you really can’t figure out the potential of additional terrain options? Dorado, right outside the spawn gate. Defense could build bridges between the rooftops with non-destructible terrain, attackers could make ramps that go onto the roof top directly across from the spawn room and negate that first choke entirely and move fights there without the need of mobile heroes.

Like, on defense Dorado Tracer is used because she can blink between the rooftops, but what if a roadhog, bastion, or torb could easily move between them without the need of a temp TP each time? Constructs could completely change how maps work for all heroes if implemented right.

No other hero requires this. Literally no hero is literally forced to find willing pocketers that play around you to be viable. No hero should require a pre-made party to be functional.

Also, I am a diamond you know. And even in diamond getting people to cooperate, pick certain heroes and take the TP and pocket you afterwards is not reliable. Its not something to base a hero’s viability on.

There is no value for terrain if it takes away from her viability as a hero. Can she, alone, make use of this? Or will her damage be reduced by another 25% to make up for more map breaking, rendering her almost entirely useless as a hero of her own?

Are you guys forgetting that Sym’s cheese is pretty much being a 3d printer?
She’d have to just make the support thing appear, that’s how her cards are played. And since we can’t go the shield route anymore, she can’t really make anything that supports other than terrain altering pretty much.
Maybe she could materialize a big health pack? But that’s one heal and it’s meh.
A bap ult, but different? Not as an ult, just an ability. Shoot/walk through her shield (kinda like her projected one was) get a speed buff, or dmg, or reduction (just kidding. that’d be a good idea, so it’d be hard to balance)


No, not just her that’s why I was mentioning it being a good foundation to work on because constructs could be applied to the kits of other heroes (Torb/Brig could benefit from this) . I don’t see why her damage would need to be nerfed either, her counters (like Pharah) would be fairly unaffected by this, the biggest issue would be trying to make it so she couldn’t use things like ramps as walls, but that’s more on the programming side than the balancing side.

Here’s how I would rework her to be a support.


Passive Ability: Photon Aura

  • Converts 50% of damage Symmetra does with her primary and secondary fire to a healing aura that heals sym and her teammates
  • AOE of 14m

Photon Projector

  • Ammo is 100
  • Can regenerate ammo from attacking shields

Primary Fire: Beam

  • The range is 14m
  • Beam width is 0.3m
  • DPS is 33/66/100
  • It takes 1 second to ramp up to the next stage
  • It takes 2 seconds to decay to the previous stage
  • No longer has the mechanic where she does less damage at the start or when switching to new enemies

Secondary Fire: Orb

  • Travel speed is 50 m/s
  • Max charge takes 0.6 seconds
  • Max damage is 50

Ability: Photon Barrier

  • Throw out a shield that blocks damage
  • Travels forward at same speed as a rein charge
  • 1000 health
  • 8 second Cooldown

Ability: Teleporter

  • Build time is 1s
  • Heals 50hp per teleport
  • Each teleporter can heal a max of 250hp then it just becomes a normal teleporter

Ultimate: Turret Swarm

  • Summon 6 turrets in a ring behind Symmetra that follow her
  • Turrets have two modes attack and heal mode
  • Can swap modes using the swap weapon button
  • Damage turrets deal 30 damage and 30% slow
  • Heal turrets heal 30 hps and speed boost by 30%
  • Heal turrets work by first making sure each teammate in range is connected to 1 turret and then the other turrets target the teammate with the lowest health
  • Damage turrets work as current turrets
  • Turrets have a range of 14m
  • Lasts 10 seconds

Thats a really good idea. I disagree with the 50% self heal that would kind of make her really hard to kill. imo unless its heavily reduced on herself i think thatd be really op

No, no and no.
They already tested healing turrets and she was by far the WORST healer in the game.
Don’t even come with ideas like “flying turrets” aka orbs like Moira.
Sym 1.0 was a support and was a throw pick, her lore was never to heal, she’s a builder who deals with light and creates shields. Nobody wants healers that don’t heal.
She definitely fits better as a dps.
In other posts I already explained how she would also be a great tank with little effort:

  • her hitbox is already as large as Zarya’s
  • Sym 1.0 was already creating shields for her team, this could easily come back
  • she melts enemy shields close range, which is weird as a dps (low survivability) but as a tank she could more easily engage against other tanks
  • her team TP makes more sense as a tank for me. A tank decides where the team plays and opens spaces.

So either improve her kit as a dps, or make her tank with a light rework, what we don’t need is that she becomes even more useless as a support again.


I like the concept of Support Symmetra, but I absolutely am not okay with the idea of her only healing tools being a ramp up short range beam weapon and turrets that last 0.3s on the battlefield.

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No, she really wasn’t then, which is why she was moved to defense in the first place.


This would be a healbot. And in this meta, healing isn’t as important

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If anything, Sym needs to lose her turrets and they need replacing with something else.

That’s what’s holding her back in my opinion.

They just don’t really fit that well in a 5v5, faster paced environment. They’re way too static and aren’t they on a 10 second charge per turret? That’s incredibly long for what they are. It’s kinda why she’s really good on certain maps and not necessarily others…and why she’s kinda niche.

Now it’s not like you can’t make Sym work…you can…she just doesn’t really fit :joy: