Symmetra Rework

Hey guys,

As you may have heard, we’re making some changes to Symmetra and you can test her rework on the PTR right now! The goal of these changes is to move Symmetra to her new damage role and make her more flexible across more areas of the game. This means that not only should she be more viable in more team compositions and maps, but she should also be stronger on offense and defense. Here are the changes you can expect to see:

Photon Projector – Primary Fire

What changed?

The biggest change to Symmetra’s primary fire is that it no longer locks onto enemies. This change, in turn, allows the weapon to deal significantly more damage and have increased range. While Photon Projector’s damage ramps up more slowly than previously, it also ramps down more slowly which makes it easier to maintain for the duration of a big fight.

  • No longer locks onto targets
  • Range increased to 10 meters
  • Damage ramping (both up and down) now takes 2 seconds per damage level instead of 1 second
  • Damage ramp increased from 30/60/120 to 60/120/180
  • Now generates ammo instead of spending it when hitting barriers

Photon Projector – Alternate Fire

What changed?

Photon Projector’s alternate fire has changed significantly as well. It no longer pierces through enemies—it explodes on contact instead. The projectile speed has also significantly increased, making it more reliable to use the weapon at longer ranges. Explosive projectiles are even more powerful when fired above your enemies because they can deal splash damage, which is now more possible for Symmetra due to her Teleporter changes.

  • No longer pierces targets
  • Now explodes on contact
  • Projectile speed increased
  • Charge up speed increased
  • Damage changed to 60 impact / 60 explosive

Overall her weapon maintains its core identity while gaining much needed flexibility with how it can be used. Now that Symmetra is no longer a support hero, she is expected to be able to dish out heavy damage and these changes allow for her to do so.

Ability 1: Sentry Turret

What changed?

By far the most noticeable change to Symmetra’s Sentry Turrets is her new ability to launch them forward as a projectile to place them, rather than having to walk up close to the placed location. In addition, Symmetra will only be able to hold and deploy a max of three turrets, but each one is significantly stronger than her previous Sentry Turrets. This allows her to spend less time trying to keep a large nest of turrets alive, as well as making them a bit more resistant against low damage area attacks.

  • Turret is now placed like a projectile instead of being set in place
  • Can hold a max of 3 now, down from 6
  • Can now deploy a max of 3, down from 6
  • Health increased from 1 to 30
  • Damage increased
  • Amount of slowing effect increased

Symmetra’s turrets are a core part of her identity and now they are stronger than ever. With the new deploy method she can place them in more difficult to reach places, or just throw them down in the middle of combat while fighting with her weapon.

Ability 2: Teleporter

What changed?

The Teleporter has swapped places with her old Photon Barrier ability. However, the new Teleporter works significantly differently than the original one, and it will be used in very different ways. Now instead of building the exit directly in front of you, players instead can now place the exit far away (up to 25 meters) and the entrance will be built right in front of you automatically. Then, for a limited duration, you or your allies can run to either teleporter and press the Interact/Acknowledge input to be teleported to the opposite portal.

  • Can now place the exit up to 25 meters away from Symmetra
  • The entrance will automatically be built in front of Symmetra, rather than at her team’s spawn point
  • Lasts 10 seconds
  • Health lowered to 300
  • More things can teleport through it, such as Junkrat tire and D.Va’s exploding mech
  • Entrance can now be destroyed
    * If either the entrance or exit dies, the other is removed

This change allows Symmetra to bring unique functionality to her teammates and create super fun and interesting combos and plays. For example, you can now place Bastion,Torbjörn, and other limited mobility heroes in hard-to-reach places where they couldn’t otherwise get to by themselves. In addition, Teleporter can now move new objects such as D.Va’s exploding mech or Torbjörn turrets. In playtests we’ve seen it used for simple things such as giving an escape option to normally mobility-lacking heroes like as Ana or Zenyatta, but also for amazing saves such as dropping it into an enemy Zarya’s Graviton Surge that has caught your allies, allowing them to teleport out to safety.

We’re really excited to see how players use her new Teleporter!

Ultimate: Photon Barrier

What is it?

Her previous secondary ability has moved to become her new ultimate, with some dramatic changes. Instead of creating a small circular barrier that moves forward, she now creates an immobile wall that spans and cuts through entire maps. She can use this new wall to drop in the middle of a fight and give allies a huge advantage, or use it to block an important enemy ultimate before it triggers such as D.Va’s Self-Destruct or Junkrat’s RIP-Tire. Since the wall is nearly infinite in size, you can throw it down to affect a fight that you aren’t even a part of yet if you aim it well enough. You can also combo your abilities together and place a Teleporter on both sides of your wall, allowing your teammates (or yourself) to quickly switch which side of it they are on.

  • Deploys a barrier that is big enough to span and cut through an entire map
  • Orientation can be changed by pressing the ultimate button again
  • Has 5000 health

We’ve been playtesting these changes for some time now and we’re still finding new and interesting things that can be done with the new Symmetra. Whenever we come out with a new hero or rework abilities, it can take some time to get it right. We’re looking forward to you guys getting a chance to play her and give feedback!


We had a good run Sym, I always remember the utter panic on the faces of the squishy back line as we flanked and vacuumed them to death. Forgive if I can not reach the lofty heights I have previously enjoyed with you. I will try and that is all I can promise.


PTR Rip Console.


Is her ultimate a barrier that enemies cant pass through?

Yeah its a shame but we will live.


Does she have a new ultimate voice line on PTR yet?

Rip ana, also i’m disappointed her turrets still have a 10 second cooldown.


Thank you! These changes sound very interesting!


for real!!! I’m disappointed by that. A good 3 second cd or 5 second cd would’ve been amazing. Maybe they’ll tweak things later on when players give their feedback on her.


I hope so, that was the most aggravating thing about old symmetra and new symmetra still has the same thing😑


Not gonna lie the animation for her new ultimate is pretty sick lol


Is it just me or are some animations too fast?
EDIT: What’s her ultimate line?


No offense but I hate it. A friend mentioned that it’s just you guys listening to DPS’s complains over not knowing how to handle a symmetra. It’s just disappointing, might as well just make a completely new character!!

I’m gonna be salty for forever about her. Her playstyle is completely different and it’s just gross. Her teleporter doesn’t look like it will be that much useful anymore seeing the range on it. The alternative fire is honestly too fast. (But then again I forget she’s a DPS now) like we didn’t have enough of those.


Maybe I just have to get use to it, but her animations look weird af.


Since she is a DPS now she needs to have a higher damage, but I’m pretty sure if she gets more damage on the same lock on beam she had before she would be REALLY oppressive and literally make many people just want to stop playing the game because of how broken it would be.
A lock-on weapon has to be fair, but if it is fair that means people with good aim will have to be able to beat it, and if that is the case, she would never get beyond troll pick on higher ranks. Either that or she would be so broken that until you hit GM all you will see is Symmetra.


The new turret deploy animation looks kind of wonky, but everything else looks really great to me except that the tp and ult animation are a bit too fast?

wow, you guys nerfed ana without even trying

that aside, new sym looks nice tho I dont agree in the “magazine size” reduction from 100 to 70 and I hope the ult charge hasnt been touched that much bc the barrier looks underwhelming so it would be good to have it frequently, kinda like moiras coalescene: weak but fast to charge