When will Symmetra 3.0 hit PTR?

I know they are still playtesting, but she is my favorite hero and the reason I really enjoy OW!

I cannot wait for her to release! Even small tidbits of info make my hype levels go from 0 to 60!

Any info you want to share Blizz Team? :blush:


I would guess that she will come on Thursday around 2:00. Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:00 pm used to be the default update release date/time, but lately Blizzard has been a bit more flippant about when they release the updates. It’s pretty much confirmed that the rework is coming sometime this week but don’t get your hopes up. But, again, I would say your best bet is this Thursday at 2:00.


honestly i doubt it’s gonna come any time soon…
We’ll most likely get a written update first just like how it was with Hanzo, before she’s released on PTR.

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I don’t see why not. They said that the rework is coming very soon, and everytime they say that, they mean it. Hanzo’s rework was ready on the ptr only 9 days after retribution started.

You mean Sanjay? xxxx

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we also have to factor in the fact that Hanzo’s rework was mostly number tweaks and somewhat simple particle effects.
And if i remember correctly there was about a month or so gap between the last update on forum and his actual rework being released on PTR.

Symm however, is getting much more than just a colored particle effects and additional coding. So i just don’t think we’ll get it just one week after the last dev update…
I mean, i would love to be proven wrong, but i’d say don’t get your hopes up and give it a few more weeks at the very least.

just checked, Hanzo’s last dev update was on March 31, and the rework was released early May.

So maybe just wait for at least 1 more month before getting too excited about the Symm rework.

Based off of what the developers have been saying, I want to make you aware that the changes that Symmetra will be receiving will most likely make her a completely different hero than she is now. After this rework, she may never be the same again…

Super excited for the rework, though I hope they address a couple things Sym mains are complaining about 3.0.

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With what Blizz has been saying, I’d say before the end of the Anniversary event, or right after.

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But it was made playable on April 19. You can check on youtube to confirm it.

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one of the devs said on an OWL stream that she will be on PTR “very soon”.


I wanna agree that it’s either this Thursday or next Tuesday!

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I download the PTR just for her can’t wait !


They had to make extensive new animations for Hanoi though. Symmetra’s rework sounds more extreme, but they can reuse more then you think.

The only thing they have to do new is her ult, and I don’t think a huge barrier is going to be that hard to make since this game already has a lot of barriers.

Her beam can be reused, just have it go straight, it already looks straight when attacking shields live.

In the center of her current phot on barrier, there’s a sentry in throw form, they can just reuse that for her turrets, as well as the throw animation. Her teleporter is the same visually too.

Overall not much is needed other then audio.


Not in my eyes!
As much as I like auto-lock, I would rather she have something more reliable to be fair!
She feels so slow to rev up now due to the increase of close range champions and CC.
I honestly just wanted her to keep her turrets and provide a cool supportive ability! BOTH WHICH ARE BEING RAMPED TO THE MAX!

So excited!


True but Hanzo had to get 2 brand new abilities with it. Both of which required art, animation, sounds, and voicelines. The only new thing symmetra is getting is her ultimate which is just a huge static barrier. The rest are her kit can be recycled.

Turrets - We know that they can be thrown. Thankfully for them, they already have the animation for it from her photon barrier.

Teleporter - There’s no need to redesign how it looks just how it works.

Secondary Fire - They could just use the visuals when the orb hits an environment and use it for when it hits an enemy.

Primary Fire - They only thing they really need to change is the damage, lock on, and range. Most of which are just number tweaks.

Doubt it will be this week, I’d bet at the earliest we get her at the end of the event. Can’t wait for it though, I miss the early days when people didn’t understand her well and you could make some pretty cheeky plays, but nowadays it’s much more difficult.


But sometimes the update can come sooner rather than later. One of the developers said that they would work on Genji’s deflect hitbox by may but they got it as early as april.

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I loved those days as well!
A smart Symmetra could make the match a living nightmare for the enemy team!