Sym Shield Support with some heals

Hero Rework: Symmetra (ShieldSupport-Side Healer)

(Passive) Photon Generator: When Symmetra strikes an enemy with Photon Orb or Photon Tsunami , all allies within range generate temporary shields overtime.

  • If triggered, there is a 1 second cooldown before it can be triggered again.
  • Does not stack with itself. Instead, the duration resets.
  • Has a cap to how much shields can be generated.
  • Does shield allies behind enemy barriers or surfaces that block line of sight.

(LMB) Photon Projector : Releases an explosive energy ball that deals damage on contact and drains the energy of the enemies, enemy Barriers, and enemy Shields.

(RMB): Photon Wave: Symmetra’s weapon emits a wave of energy bouncing to nearby allies. Burst healing them at max potency.

  • Every wave bounce reduces the potency of the heal. (CD Ability)
  • Can be cast on self.

(E) Photon Barrier: Symmetra constructs a temporary energy barrier around an ally. Symmetra has a brief window period where she can press E again to teleport the ally back to Sym’s position. (CD Ability)

  • Ally Must be in sight to teleport
  • Ability CD is doubled if sym teleports the ally to her.
  • Only blocks projectiles/ranged attacks
  • Can be cast on self

(Shift) Teleportation: Symmetra begins to gather light energy, constructing a teleportation zone around her that, after a brief delay, will teleport all her allies and her to the targeted location. (CD Ability)

(Ultimate) Photon Tsunami: Symmetra reconstructs her weapon into several light rods float around her that shoot waves of light. The Beams shoot waves of light across the field, rapidly regenerating her allies’ health and slightly damaging her enemies, draining their energy in the process.

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