Sym 3.0 rework [characters required]

that she’s actually really strong when mastered

Then how come you never saw any pros play symm 2.0?

This entire post is hilarious to read. Thanks for the laughs man!

Steevo says hi

she was not a popular hero but that doesnt mean she was trash

Even he admitted that 3.0 is in a far better place than 2.0

yet statistics prove the oposite

2.0 vs 3.0 viability isn’t really a comparison worth mentioning.

They’re both quite viable in the right scenarios. 2.0 was a bit more easily noticed due to the nature of her offerings, 3.0 is just as valuable if given the opportunity to shine.

As was stated previously, characters can be made to work, unfortunately some require more babysitting than others. In all the videos I see of pros playing Symmetra, they’ve got an active support system present that allows for them to succeed.

Symmetra can do some remarkable things when she’s kept standing. The issue is knowing how to keep yourself standing, or at least keeping yourself out of harms way enough so that a healer can top you off again.

The singular thing I miss most about Symmetra 2.0 is her Photon Shield. Being able to protect yourself from burst damage was a crutch I’d taken for granted until it was ripped away in 3.0.

Mocking people doesn’t make you more sensible. Mocking people doesnt make you “firm” it just makes you rude.

You can be sensible and firm without being obnoxious about it.

I think a lot of the issue with the new symmetra is that her skill floor went WAY UP. I would almost say that she could be pushing 3 star status right now she is WAY harder to play.

You know a clickbait title is already a giant turn off for me, I will skim through your post.

Also your title along with the first few lines of text makes it look like you’re a churnalist who thinks being a reporter is the same thing as being a blogger and an OC writer.

Sym 1 to 2 was gimmicky, a meme and did not have much potential to be a universal jack of all trades type of character unless you had a map that favors her and a team comp. that favors her, kinda like Bastion.

2 had the cheese shield combo and the shield gen was annoying to deal with especially when your enemy had good heals and 50 layers of barriers.

You think I’m in the mood to swap to sombra to take that thing out, switch back to what I played and then do the same thing in a few minutes in almost every single game in comp and QP when there was a sym?

Lock on gun was also a meme and one of the reasons why people dislike(d) her.
Oh but Winston has the same thing
One guy has a short ranged tazer cannon that has 0 range extending, has 0 ramp-up, is large and easy to hit

The other is a SLIM JIM Size 1 model with a lock on beam that ramps up damage that jumps around your screen with a beam that extends if you latch on to someone.

If I wanted to have a laugh I did just that, meme beam.

3.0 is now more respectable, has potential and is less meme worthy.
You have any idea how funny it is for me to see people moan about her not having her meme beam while I rack up triple and quad kills in TDM with her?


If I can play sym 1, 2 and 3 and prefer 3 over 2 and 1 then idk what’s going on in your head.

I was a Sym 2.0 main.
I have no problem with 3.0.
Especially now after her tick rate buff.
She melts tanks.
Sym is not a victim.

Not remotely the same heroes. 2.0 used strategy and her ult to push the battle in a different direction. This Sym is just a dull dps.

First, she wasn’t broken at lower ranks. Her winrate was stable across all ranks. Overbuff still have stats from pre-rework Sym if you filter by six months, you can check them per rank and see it yourself. If you have other sources that state the opposite and are not anecdotal, be my guest to present them.

Second, I did a very extensive list myself of how to buff Sym2. I know pretty much every Sym main at the time also had a personal list of desired improvements.

But the biggest issue was not only that the change was drastic. It was that the devs never ever tried to tweak Sym’s kit before going for the sledgehammer.

Take, for instance, Roadhog’s hook. It went through a dozen hook “fixes” that didn’t solved the problem, and then they finally gave up and just reduced his weapon base damage. Soldier had three adjustments in his pulse rifle damage to reach the spot he is today. Mei and Reaper, in the patch directly before Sym3 rework, received small adjustment buffs to their kits while retaining their playstyles.

Symmetra never got that. Had they tried a few things before going for a full kit revamp, it would give a lot more weight to the “old kit couldn’t be balanced” argument. As the situation stands right now, we can’t take this argument in good faith simply because the devs never tried to balance Sym2 kit.

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You answered this yourself. players had time to adjust to each individual change. When you look back at launch and current, you see a completely different character, but because the change was gradual, she, at no specific time, felt like a completely different hero.

It’s kinda like you looking at any random webcomic that lasts for more than 5 years, and you compare the artwork of the first page and the last page. Some characters are unrecognizable because of the artwork shift, but if you read it from start to finish, at no moment you feel that any character suddenly changed.

As I said above, the devs never tried to tweak Sym2’s kit. Had they implemented those changes over time, we might get used to them, one at a time.

increasing her dps?
the power of her barrier?
the spead of her orbs? // how would that lessen how overpowered she was on lower ranks?

Face it. You just miss lock on rubber band noodle gun.

At least her rework made her more powerful(looks at Torbjorn)

That’s like saying “what about the people who liked huge hitbox doomfist punch”

Stop telling us what we think. We have listed over and over again what we miss, and it’s a hell of alot more than the lock on. You are ignorant.

Nope, you can still pick Symmetra.

She isn’t deleted

Yup. You should not have 1-tricked an already niche hero that was unhealthy for the game.

Genji isn’t blatantly unhealthy for the game. He has also received several changes that some (like you perhaps) would claim makes him a new character. No more triple jump and no more animation cancels.

New Symmetra isn’t garbage though. Especially with her primary fire being fixed.

Because everyone else had to deal with having a 1-trick Symmetra on their team that did nothing. Everyone else had to deal with the bullcrap that is infinite shield generator. Everyone else had to deal with the bullcrap that is auto-lock DPS that scales up.
You’re incredibly self-centered.

I don’t care if you don’t like the new Symmetra, if you actually took the time to play her you would understand she’s actually really strong when mastered, though she DID need buffs, that’s all. No fancy revert, just buffs.

Nope. She still uses light to construct stuff and still has turrets.

Yes, you are.

What are you trying to do? Attract the developers to revert Symmetra when they won’t? Their gifs and jokes are justified by how self-centered you are being.

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