Sym 3.0 rework [characters required]

laughs in Symmetranese~ :nail_care:

Um, there is. Don’t patronise me. Game designers are big on the concept of immersion and power fantasy i.E. McRee is a gun tooting cowboy, Mercy flies around healing people like an angel. Now imagine they removed guardian angel, and just gave her beam longer range, or gave mcree a submachine gun, suddenly that fantasy is weakened. Same with what they’ve done to Sym. Your other point is also weak, but i am typing on PS4 browser which takes forever so someone else can do it.


I loved playing both iterations of Sym. I get why you’d miss the old one, I personally wish we at least had the option to play around with her in custom modes. But this kind of overdramatic “SYM WAS DELETED” nonsense does absolutely nothing to endear people to your point of view.

Look, I’m a Symmetra main through and through.

I went through the different stages of loss with her rework… I grieved… I got angry… Then I got over it.

Am I a good Symmetra? I don’t know, my stats would probably reflect otherwise, but my game sense and knowledge still apply when playing her. I know what I need to do, how to do it, and how to adequately contribute to my team in such a way that I am not dead weight.

I typically have Kills, Objective Kills and Damage gold medals at the end of a match, win or lose. Does that mean I’m pulling my weight? I don’t know, but when I play other characters, I don’t see those medals as reliably as I do with Symmetra.

Was the learning curve with Symmetra 3.0 a bit more extreme than the other reworks? You bet. It was a serious PITA to learn the different timings, and getting used to 12m. I still regularly find myself in the 7m range from muscle memory habit.

The bottom line is this: She can’t be played the way she used to. If you hold on to that mentality, you’ll never contribute meaningfully to to your team. You must adapt, move on past the nostalgia, and learn a brand new character.

She is Symmetra in name only. Her abilities, while hearkening to the old Symmetra, do not work anything like they used to. You have to learn her new abilities, learn how to use them, how to be effective with them, and you will do well.

It also helps considerably if you have a teammate who is willing to assist you.

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That’s the sad thing, she is a new character, one I have zero desire to learn as for me the ‘x factor’ or flaire has gone. Glad you’re enjoying it though.

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Beam -> Better Beam
Orb -> Better Orb
TP -> Better TP
Shield -> Better Shield
Turret -> Better Turret

The only thing that actually disappeared are the additional shields.
Everything else got improved, that is if you can aim her primary fire.

They function in completely different ways, are you pretending to be thick?

I’m sorry for your loss. She was a fun character to play in her 2.0 iteration. I miss it just as much as you do, probably more. I love what the character stands for though, her lore and backstory, and her internal strife due to actions she’s taken on behalf of other, less well meaning characters in the game.

Of course they function slightly differently, old Sym had flaws that couldn’t be solved with numerical changes.

This is exactly what i think

Nobody wanted this “new” hero, as soon as it was on PTR i said along a lot of other sym main “this is NOT what we wanted, revert pls” only to be answered by:

"She is better now"
"lol u have to aim now"
"just adapt"
"She needs skill now"

Seriously? Giving the original version changes of the new one would almost fix her much better than shes now

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I used to main symm 2.0. I had like 110 hours on her previous version. I tried to give new symm a go, but it ain’t it. I miss lock-on so much, I miss shield gen and 6 turrets. If they never bring lock-on and shield gen back, I will despise this rework wholeheartedly…

Feelsbad to lose your fav hero to play ehh

Not really. Old beam was much more reliable and basically allowed to chain kill.

New beam, only useable against tanks with big hitboxes, unuseable againt anything else. (unless ramped up)

Old orbs were probably the only weapon that pierces barriers and you could punish everyone hiding behind rein/orisa’s shield.

But new orbs are not bad. They could at least speed them up to 30 m/s tbh…

Old TP was a snowball win on 2cp maps as well as better ressurect sometimes. Teammates actually used it.

New TP is clunky, has too long deployment time and aniamtion. Get instantly destroyed. People ignore it.

idk what you mean by shield. But old photon barrier was soo skilfull. You could counter rein’s Q, Dva’s Q, McCree’s Q, phara’s Q and many more. Not to mention you used to have selfdefense ability.

With her new ultimate you can’t react as fast.

Turrets, are okayish. Still 3/4 heroes can oneshot them. Throwability is amazing, but they seem to stuck in places you didnt want to send. Wish she had 4 of them.

Overall Sym 2.0 as well as Sym 3.0 have major flaws, but combined together they could work pretty well.

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That would involve giving her a 50% damage boost on a lock on weapon…
What would be a pretty major issue.

Not all the changes

Just some

This is what I like about you Blasphemy. Despite our differing opinions you still manage to show a very objective view point. No exaggeration or hyperbole. Even further you admit your own faults when it comes to playing sym now vs her old kit. (Had a little chuckle when you mentioned moving into 7m range out of instinct).

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I did. Guess I must be nobody?

Could you please refrain from speaking for anyone else but yourself?

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I never saw anyone saying “make syms Tp her E and give her a linear primary fire beam and make her ult a big wall”

Thats why i said nobody wanted it

Do I remember correctly the devs said something along the lines of ‘we’ll never bring mass rez back’? Or am I imagining that. Either way some kind of final word from them for those who spent hundreds of hours on 2.0 and miss her would be great, because for 6 months there is a lengthy thread like this nearly everyday.

So you scanned the ENTIRE forums and read the minds of EVERY user that does not visit here?

Impressive. Remind me to hire you for my next party. Need a wizard.

Joking aside, you still do not have the authority to speak for anyone else. Why? because you simply do not have access to the entirety of the overwatch playerbases perspective.

The moment I heard they were working on a sym rework I was getting excited. The moment I saw the actual plans I was even happier. I directly said her teleporter was easily going to be her most powerful ability and thought it was an awesome idea.

I was not disappointed.

Now that your perspective has been changed and you know that people like me exist I kindly ask that you not speak for everyone. Thanks.

Ive been playing her since the beta and I love Sym 3.0 way more than 2.0

Get over the autolock already and learn to aim, its not that hard and its way more powerful and rewarding than holding one button and jumping around.