Sym 3.0 rework [characters required]

I wanted teleporter on E and suggested it on the old forums.

I also wanted beam damage to increase but at the cost of decreasing auto aim, Blizzard removed auto aim entirely which works for me.

I also suggested that charge time be increased so that gaining or losing charge was more of a big deal and less about just regaining full charge each fight.

I’m not saying that they took my suggestions but she does happen to do what I asked for so Symmetra 3.0 is what I wanted.

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So do you miss the fact that she was a throw pick 90% of games?

You do realize shes practically meta now right? Shes actually better in every aspect of her kit but because shes been reworked you wont even give the time of day to learn it?

How about this. This game has evolved and will continue to evolve regardless… Suck it up and learn to work with change.

Everything you just said has already been addressed in the topic.

i don’t even care if you’ve abandoned this post because everyone agrees that you’re wrong and you hate being wrong, and i also don’t care how many comments are in this thread that have said the exact things i’m going to say here, i’m gonna go ahead and type this regardless, because you deserve the attention that you’re so desperately trying to grasp for, but it needs to be the wrong kind of attention that you didn’t want when you tried to make a “relatable” post by using caps lock and insulting other people to further your bad ideas, otherwise you made a troll post in particular for this kind of attention, in which case, shame on you

you can’t “master” something with low skill ceiling
her skill ceiling before was atrocious, you could have basic game sense and be the best you can be with her, because nothing in her kit was able to be utilized efficiently without the enemy being able to counter it harder than any other hero with absolute ease

then, if you buffed her, she’d be too strong; there’s no place for damage that high on a lock on, or ultimates that put you on a wild goose chase making the match a 5v5 if the symmetra is camping them

what the actual garbage is this response

okay: i mained Symmetra back in beta testing, do i get a pass to call you out for being horribly incorrect?

she had no room for improvement, she was always going to be bad before, they needed to change her because she was fundamentally flawed from the ground up

now she has the capability to be tweaked into being a really powerful hero that isn’t completely overwhelming with a ridiculous auto aim and feast/famine ultimate abilities

learn how games work and adapt, because the devs learn things that they, and we, may not have realized at first, that’s what happens in every single game, and this stuff happens

and yet again, even though it’s been stated countless times on this thread alone:
no, her kit didn’t even change much, you’re just too stubborn to accept that even with all of the facts that people are posting

actually, this is what’s “pathetic”, honestly

your ignorant opinions that make you think you’re better than other people for having, to call out others for being “pathetic” and saying that you don’t care what other people think, even when it’s based on facts of the state of this game vs your poorly thought out opinions

Personally I care, I liked the previous Sym, but a the same time, I can understand why they changed her, she just didn’t work, something had to be done. I don’t particularly like the new Sym and wouldn’t mind another rework tbh.

I like her better now.


i see your point, but many streamers of symmetra have adapted. Many people complains about the new torbjorn, but many others like the new torbjorn. I am a torbjorn main, and I like the new torbjorn a lot, and also liked the power of the old molten core and armor, but I adapted.

Ya know I’ve played Sym 2.0 and 3.0 and while I was upset at first that they changed her (let’s be real here, the only thing people are really super pissed at when it comes to her changes is that her primary no longer auto locks anything on her screen) I sincerely believe she is stronger now then she has ever been.

Could she maybe use some tweaks? Sure. But she’s in a better spot then 2.0 Sym ever was.

When there’s a Sym on the enemy team I usually find myself being frustrated by her. She plants her teleporter and escapes, she throws her turrets wherever she wants, and her freakin shield wall pops up at the most annoying times. I’d say if she’s frustrating the enemy team she’s bringing value to her own, and 3.0 Sym frustrates the enemy more then 2.0.


Soooo… Either I’m missing something, or your understanding of what ‘meta’ means is flawed.

Meta means that the character makes up a portion of a strategy that is successful the majority of the time, if my understanding is correct. A host of characters is chosen based on a particular set of constraints and made successful by the nature of their synergy and effectiveness.

Please, explain to me how Symmetra is suddenly meta, as your definition details it.

I mean lets be honest here. A character designed around autism was bound to have some severe issues accompanying its singular focus. Niche heroes are all slowly being made into something closer to a well rounded generalist capability since the community at large demonized maining the ‘wrong’ heroes.

So they’ve slowly started redistributing those other aspects that were removed from one hero, to others. Brig’s entry into the game meant that they could phase out shield gen and armor packs. Ashe’s entry into the game meant that BOB could replace torb’s old ult. Both Torb and Ashe now contain anti-armor abilities (dynamite DoT and new torb ult)

Really, nothings been deleted, its been reallocated, altered, and dispersed. The only thing thats actually been removed from the game is auto lock beam, and M2 shield piercing orbs that keep going no matter how many people they pass through.

I didn’t start the chain, and I’m not about to become the one who lays down, had OP started off a little more amicable in thier approach, I would have returned the favour , they didnt, they get the same treatment. Should they become more reasonable, I am more then happy to follow.
I’m not sure why you picked on me in particular when most Symmetra threads are full of snarky replies and egos bigger then mars which make my comments seem nice by comparison.
I stand by my actions, they haven’t broken any rules and I gave an explanation as to why I did what I did.

Be the bigger person then. Aren’t you the one calling them the child? Maybe perhaps you should act like the adult then.

I’m not picking on you, your post happened to stand out to me for your mocking statements.

I doubt she was designed around autism, her story probabaly came a LOT later, as she did have a number of concept arts.

That click bait title…

My understanding and definition of the word meta is accurate, as is yours.

Sym is picked to counter GOATs.

GOATs is meta.

Therefor, Sym is a meta counter pick.

Its quite interesting though how her weapon is uniquely specialized to kill one thing at a time. Focused, A FIXATION YOU MIGHT SAY!

Maybe, but so do Zarya’s and Ashe’s as well.

If that was supposed to be a joke and I missed it, I’m really sorry, I’m tired and have a needy dog constantly following me today :confused:

Well I left out her olde M1 that locked on, specifically. High functioning autism has fixations that they heavily focus on, to the point of obsession and do it very well.

Ah I see.

Quantum. :face_with_monocle:

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To the OP. As much as I loved 2.0 and find her still to this day a better ladder hero, there really isn’t any point in complaining about it anymore.

Old symm is gone and they basically reverted her back to her original 1.0 form and buffed from there.

On console, the loss of auto lock was a big deal. But now that I’m starting to play on PC i understand now that aiming is not that difficult of a thing to do. I don’t think the whole aim thing makes her more “skillful” but it did shut up a lot of the hate that went toward symm’s way. The aim-elitists shut up. I am disappointed that they basically made her a weaker version of Zarya’s beam…

Symm 3.0 needs work… but I have a feeling that now that she is starting to get the vibe of being meta, I don’t think we’ll see those buffs now.

I’m most annoyed that if she becomes meta, I’ll have to up my game on other heroes as she’ll start getting picked before I can lock her.

As for new heroes aping her old playstyle? I can see maybe Sanjay coming in with the projected barrier on a short cooldown along with a small SG-like aura tied to him as a main tank.

But the autolock gun is dead, the CSgo folks killed that off for good. No one will get turrets like hers.