Symmetra Rework: Defense or Support?

I hope you have totally abandoned the idea of her healing.


I don’t want to tho, but I will if uncle Geoff says so. I have 21h in Competitive with her, that says hipster a little bit.

It wouldn’t be exactly a healthpack but the mechanic would be similar, I guess you don’t want to discuss why you feel that way but I still think it’s an interesting ability

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That sounds kind of nuts but fun? Symm is a guilty pleasure for me, I’m getting very excited now!

Currently they will travel effectively infinitely in a straight line. (think of them like Pharah rockets). The projectile speed isn’t super fast though so enemy players can see them coming. They can’t currently shoot them out of the air though, but we’re still iterating and may allow this.


It sounds like a cool idea. I hope it is not the only change she will receive. Because almost all parts of her kit have some problems. Ultimates are kinda okay, but barrier feels like out of place and her gun is not ideal too.

Also, can you please look at this Torbjorn rework thread? Just a bunch of ideas about rework direction:

to be honest that sounds good
i hope you guys rework her more so she will be more fun to play

Honestly? Then what is the point? lol

Do they still have 1 HP?


Death beams aside, I like not having to jump shift, then jump shift then jumpshift got it.

I mean this is great and all, but how about her survability?
A 10s CD for personal shield is pretty insane.

Unlike Zaraya she doesn’t have 400 hp

Reducing their mobility for a mere second can make a huge differences in a fast pace game like Overwatch.

Ikr? If it moves slowly then its more likely to be target and destroyed easy, might as well not give her this ability!


Probably not, since Geoff described them as a projectile. Need to know the speed though still.

It’s a lot easier to set up turrets as you advance to a point from the side or some other area to lock down. They don’t have to necessarily be behind the enemy. The other (and more important imo) benefit is that she can set them up faster.

Current time to set up = Run to set up location, set up turrets, get back to fray and hope you didn’t die while setting up.

New time = Set up turrets from afar, join fray rather than take your time running to go set them up.

It reduces her set up time by quite a bit.

Sure, this can happen. But this game is and always has been a mix of different genres. The complaint about it being too much of a moba because of sym strikes me as a bit silly rather than prudent. If you don’t want your FPS game to have moba aspects to it, overwatch isn’t the game for you considering there’s the ult economy, team compositions, healers, etc. There’s a lot of aspects to this game that simply are not present in other FPS games.

That’s also interesting to note.

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Excellent, lots of us predicted the throwable turrets and it will add some much needed flexibility and thought to her kit.

Can’t wait to see what else is in store.

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I wonder if they will change her basic gun primary/secondary fire. It seems to frustrate many players on how much DPS her hardlock gun does and it leaves Sym players with a short range gun yet zero mobility. And the secondary fire orbs are great for spamming chokes but inconsistent in actual fights.


No, there are other changes to her turrets as well. We’ve lowered the max number to 3 (both that she can hold and that can be deployed), but we’ve increased their damage and slow potential. They also have 30 health currently, though that number will probably change over time as we test. They still die quite easily but there is a significant difference between dying to any damage and just having very low health.


Im actually curious? Are you guys running out of ideas or something?

Cuz I have a super cool idea! :smiley:

But maybe you already changed it… with that picture you posted of the Sym card you got

Can you make them shoot out of her fingertips while she does her sassy little chuckle?


Why can’t Sym heal with her turrets? Have her attach the healing turrets at the back, up to 3 targets with a 15 seconds duration.