Symmetra Rework: Defense or Support?

Sounds like a poor change tbh

Turrets are a poor design anyhow

Just gonna mess up non mobile characters more and that’s what she was already good against

Just scrape the turrets and give her something else, IMO. could be wrong tho


not every hero is suppose to be a mobile dps you know

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has nothing to do with her mobility

just will reinforce the fact that she’s still gonna get countered by mobility which is the thing she was already useless against

her turrets are kinda a big part of her character, it appears in sprays, voice lines and highlight intros.Plus they said there gonna increase the slow, which will probably help against mobile heroes.

But she’s also not a tank?

So far we’ve found the turrets to be much more powerful this way, not less. Keep in mind its almost like you’re deploying 2 turrets at a time now, since they are more powerful individually. You lose a little bit of map coverage, but overall the turrets are actually more impactful, not less.

Plus spending less time re-deploying turrets frees you up to do other things at the same time, rather than spending so much focus on moving around trying to keep your turret nest up somewhere useful.


Turrets already felt powerful versus a certain group of heroes who don’t have means of quickly avoiding it

But mobile heroes already could quickly leave range. How does this change change that?


Other things like…???

What else would Symmetra be able to do? What other abilities are you all thinking about adding to her kit?

I’m liking what I’m hearing so far, unlike seemingly everyone else…

But I have a question. With the additional durability of the turrets, do they now have shield hitpoints? What else are you reworking with Symmetra, besides the turrets?


(Posted this on Reddit but also posting this here):

I’m sure this removes Sym’s, while elegant, slow animation of setting up turrets. While yes, the turrets themselves won’t be immediate (since they’d be set up right next to Sym), they’ll also be a lot more durable and allow for more places. Many commenters on the forum and some on other reddit posts are bemoaning the lack of 6 turrets, but turret management (with high cooldown and low HP) was always a struggle with Sym and slowed her down in the game.

This changes major play styles:

  • The current most popular (or best advice currently) is to group up Sym’s turrets in 4’s and 2’s, 4 for major choke point, 2 for flank route. This now may be all 3 at major choke point, or 2 at choke and 1 for flank.
  • One of Sym’s greatest strength during a team fight is to have turrets on the objective so that they do damage on the battlefield while the enemy is too distracted to destroy them. However, it was always clunky because Sym had to interrupt her microwave beam charge to put down 3 or 4 turrets, and since they had 1HP, they would easily just be destroyed by splash damage, and also waste time.
  • A good Attack strategy I can foresee is that before the team fight, Sym fires all three turret projectiles above or behind the enemy team - after all 3 have been fired, the team rushes onto the enemy onto the point and the enemy team is forced to look around to remove the turrets (and thus being easy targets) or are forced to ignore the turrets (wearing them down).
  • this really complements her damage beam (although that will probably change) - as stated above, during a fight, it was always so clunky to stop a Lvl 3 beam to put up a turret - now the turrets can be fired and Sym can focus on damage output instead.
  • No more deadly chokes and rooms of death anymore though - only 3 turrets means that they’ll only target 3 enemies at the choke. But I’m also really fine with that - I never liked that during a team fight, Sym would be setting up turrets. This change definitely makes her more likely to be engaging overall.

Also, Geoff’s name displays as two words in profile but as a single word with no space in quotes.

Her shields are meant to defend her, so she can approach a target or escape from a target.

That means with a 10s cd she has no way to escape.
She has no mobility or defensive ability.

If for example I engage a target and kill him, and a second target is near by. I literally have no way to escape now because my shield is on CD. So there literally is only 1 option for me, to attack target #2.

It buffs the play style of carwash but not strategic turret placement.

The fact she can place turrets at range would decrease her time spent running around redeploying anyway.

Without seeing the changes myself I can’t be 100% sure but less variation and less strategies is less fun for me.

The reason I play Symmetra is to use my brain not to just use brute force, Less turrets with higher damage moves her more towards brute force than brains in my opinion.


I mean, a month back Jeff showed a score card where she had over 30 teleports with under 10% uptime on the teleporter.

I doubt these are the only changes to her kit. But to answer your question, she can actually help fight and focus on the fray quicker rather than focus on setting up turrets forever.

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The only thing I’d like is for photon gun to get the the Sombra hack treatment.

I’m aware I’m very unlikely to get a reply here but I have to ask:

Are you guys looking at potentially changing her weapon?

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Geoff, I know sym needs love, but I’d like to ask, why are you adding more cc? All it does is widen the gap between mobility and immobility.


YASSSS, more skill based CC.



Can we get a sneak peek at her photon barrier changes? If there are any

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This. Sounds. AWESOME.

I can’t wait to try this out! Completely reinvigorated my enthusiasm for Symmetra.

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