Stop with the Demon Hunter denial

Honestly, I just stopped expecting things from the events now. Archive and Anniversary both had us holding our breaths for something but end up going ‘oh…okay…’.

It is very Diablo-esque so I think it has always been something to do with that. Perhaps they were going to announce something around this time regarding the mobile app but had to delay it for some reason thus delaying Overwatch announcing it. That’s the problem when you start tying different games together, if one messes up and falls behind, the other does too.

To be honest I don’t understand why people wanted to pay anything for the 2018 virtual ticket, people reupload the streams 1 week later on YouTube and Blizzard doesn’t care since they don’t bother taking them down.
Not only that obviously 50% of the 2018 in-game items will become available this year. There really was no point in buying it last year, It was just a complete waste of $50.

The panels last year were trash aswell. Probably the worst Blizzcon so far.
(edit: actually the Warcraft 3: Reforged panel was good but everything else was meh)

You will be able to get it again as soon as Diablo: Immortal is released.
Most probably by downloading the game and playing for X hours or by buying some microtransaction stuff.

Don’t ask for a source cause this is just me taking a guess, but I would actually bet money on it if I had any xD

some people will pay to be the first to hear news… others like feeling like they’re a part of something.

It’s not up to anyone but themselves to decide how much something is worth to them. Personally it was almost worth the ticket price for all the digital goodies since I play all the games… but I don’t really play anything other than OW anymore. I put it off because all I really wanted was DH sombra and since I saw them actually announce they’d provide an alternative method to acquire it I could put the purchase off.

I’d be very upset if no alternate method was ever announced.

I don’t feel people claiming that it needs to be “worth” 50 dollars have any leg to stand on since the original ticket came with much more than just the skin. I’m content with waiting but I would like some sort of announcement that they are still planning to honor their words.

If I need to buy Diablo immortal, or play a certain amount then fine, just let us know that it’s coming this year.

Oh yes! Now i’ll wear that skin more proudly and more often …like the Widowmaker Noir skin. Thanks for the clarification OP.

Have no fear, you can curse over blizzard if they don’t release skin by the end of 2019: NOTICE: Demon Hunter Sombra will be available outside of Virtual Ticket at a later date

I don’t see why people are upset about everyone else getting it for 1k coins when Blizzcon attendees have had it as an exclusive for 7 months.

This is really all that needs to be said.

I chose not to buy a ticket because they specifically said the skin would be released in 2019. I would have bought the ticket for the skin if it was exclusive but it wasnt. I know there is still time in 2019 but i would feel burned by blizzard if they went back on their word and would never give them my money on any of their products again


I am the same as you. I have probably only spent a couple hundred dollars, but was planning to spend more on this game when I get settled into my new job because I’ll have less time to play.

Won’t spend anymore if DH is not released. And have half a mind not too just because this silence on the issue is inconsiderate.

I wish a streamer would talk about it, seems like the only way we ever get answers around here as dumb as that may be.

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That’s their quandry unless they utterly planned on it being some cross-tie “Diablo Immortal” crap. PC gamers are not by and large mobile gamers, its a different crew for the most part. Trying to entice them off the PC even through such a heavy-handed maneuver would backfire in spades for them…

Ultimately the pennies they earn off micro-transactions will probably make their shareholders even more rich than worrying about those annoyingly fussy and in their eyes, entitled PC-gamers… in the end, they won’t care how it goes down or who they tick off…

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The first two Blizzcon skins said BLIZZCON on them and were colored blue. They were stated as being exclusive. The Sombra skin is a Diablo themed skin, and it was clearly spelled out that it was not an exclusive. If you spent money on it thinking it was, that’s your fault not ours.

Its Legacy…

You also cant get the Mercy Pink Skin anymore, or the Blizzard Skins for Winston and Bastion, also the Ana and D.Va Skin are legendarys, these Skin where arround a limited time to get them.
Why they should kill the exclusitivity of these skins? Only to piss the ppl of who actually get the ticket (maybe not exclusiv for the skin, but you get my point, I hope)?

Except Sombra’s skin was never declared exclusive. You’re assuming it’s part of a trend that it’s not.

Because they said it wasn’t exclusive on more than one occasion.

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And yet it is …it’s flagged as legacy and i hope it stays like that honestly.

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Because people paid real money for it whereas 1000 coins is pretty much a freebie. Yes we had it as an exclusive for 7 months but we -paid- for it. When it came to things you got from Blizzcon ticket purchases, they were meant as a thank you for attending and supporting us.

At least if they’re going to make it as a ‘buy later’ item, they should make it fairly priced. So okay, you didn’t support blizzcon but you want to buy it. $30. We paid more for the skin but we got other things as well - such as watching the event via livestreams and getting backstage interviews and that so you can deduct that from the pricetag.

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Something that could easily be a bug, and fixed. It’s easy for them to flag it as legacy because of Blizzcon (keep things organised), but forgot that it’s not meant to be treated like the other Blizzcon legacy items in their database.

Edit: To clarify: It only takes one project manager or in-house developer to mis-communicate or push through a tag on a build for it to take effect, so this is very easily something as unintentional as one of Mercy’s recent bugs being pushed through then reverted.

That is not an answer though. So we shall wait. You go ahead and move along now if you are not interested in Blizzard’s integrity. I, for one, am thrilled to see what they officially decide.

The skin was sold on the Blizzcon floor by itself for 10 bucks. You got 7 items with that Blizzcon skin, so considering the items alone the bundled price was around 7 dollars.

Why should people who waited have to pay triple?