Stop with the Demon Hunter denial

Demon Hunter has been moved to the Legacy Skin category. All the other skins in that category have never been re-released. I think that’s a pretty strong statement from the Devs about the future of the skin.

Stop being in denial. The Devs have already given us our answer on Demon Hunter by making it Legacy


Doesn’t make it okay. They openly said that the incentives from the virtual ticket from Overwatch and their other IPs would be made available in 2019, to not fulfill that is misleading and potentially false advertising.

Maybe other people should stop being “in denial” about that as well?


Imagine crying over skins

If you wanted the skin so bad you should of bought a ticket to blizzcon im sorry but the truth hurts, now people are sat with there hands out expecting


Except if the terms of the ticket say we don’t have to, people are gonna make an educated decision about it.


I kind of hope they instead release a different version of this skin, with a recolor. Let the people who got the blizz skin enjoy that and be unique, but let those that want the skin to get it too. Plus, if they made it a shade of purple or something it would look easy better than the current brown one.


Same with the 2018 all star skins.
Ppl expect stuff… :sweat_smile:

I could agree on sombra, but tbh i would then question why they but her into the ticket and not anything else that would really be legacy (you know, like the previous blizzcon skins)

I’m a fighter for exclusive items, but i would agree sombra had a small print.

But again, demon hunter sombra skin is never explic mentioned.
Its just ingame rewards will be released later 2019.
Its not saying all or some or which exactly


Doesn’t change my statement

Blizzard hold all the rights to this games property both ingame and outside of it.

No amount of crying however many threads are made will ever put them into a position of considering releasing it for the simple reason being they don’t have to.

Unless they want a quick cash grab which im sure you’d all jump at the opportunity for.

So you try to say that they lie to us and we should now start to prepare pitchforks and torches?

I think we should wait, after all it was realised during hallowen if im not mistaken, so i wait for more info for now.


They also have a responsibility to fulfill the terms and conditions of their products.


Those office workers look furious

Im sure you, forumgoer would know more on that standpoint than a multibillion dollar companies legal team would.

Good luck, as i said they don’t have to do a thing.

We just got a bunch of amazing skins btw,

Get a grip

Is it so hard to say “Hey, yeah never mind we are not going to release it.” But to just sneak it out and say nothing? They should be better than that one would assume. It’s more annoying if anything.

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yea, paying 50$ for a skin lol

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I am fine with legacy skins, but they should be able to be gotten cross-platform if that’s what they’re going to do. I don’t think it’s fair that I paid for skins or participated in events for skins, and because I switched from console to PC, I don’t have them anymore.

They were clearly going to release it, then pulled back because of outcry. So clearly they do care and just need the equal and opposite outcry.

I don’t even care about the skin itself but it’s incredibly lame to treat their own convention as just a vehicle for overpriced DLC. Blizzcon should just be for people who want to experience it.


Welp, i think that picture would perfectly show how many would act about this skin being locked away.
So yea, i picked anfgry office workers for this because im sure we would be angry only online on forum etc at them XD

I do not expect mutch, after all stories i learn about bethesda i do think that they might not realise DH again, but i will give them chance before i start my crusade on forum about this (and i dont even wona get that skin :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Especially for a convention that alienates most of their player-base. The convention itself has a set number of people they’d let enter, never mind the logistical problems for any enthusiastic fans.

If only I had the money to buy the ticket, plane tickets, hotel costs, etc for this problem to not apply to me.

I like your style i can’t deny

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It’s people being complacent like you are that let’s them get away with this kind of behaviour. You may not care, but clearly a lot of other people do. You can just ignore the rest of us while we make it clear we want what was agreed to be released to us, or just a simple guarantee that it will be.

Also what does the other skins being good have to do with any of this?


They really shouldn’t go back on their word for it due to a handful of morons who don’t take the time to read, which is a good life lesson in itself. Yeah, I get it. It’s a skin, it isn’t serious business, but knowing to read documents/contracts/waivers/etc before just agreeing or throwing cash at something is a practice EVERYONE should do.
Will it be the end of the world for me if they don’t release it? No, but I sure won’t be to willing to spend money or believe the company anymore.


You’ve articulated what I’ve been failing to convey brilliantly. Most of us are reasonable and aren’t gonna declare it the end of the world, but we’re sure gonna be upset about it and not trust the company if they do go back on their word.