Stop with the Demon Hunter denial

Don’t all legacy items behave that way, though? I doubt they would make separate coding just for one cosmetic that they’re planning to bring back later.

They said 2019, it’s still 2019. We still have the release of Diablo Immortal and Blizzcon to get through before anyone can say that Blizzard has directly lied to their customers.

More communication directly from Blizz would be nice but they haven’t always been well known for that.

The fine print flat out says Demon Hunter Sombra. It was the ONLY OW items included in the fine print and therefore automatically the item in question) will be released separately in 2019 and that the mechanics of how will be annouced at a later date.

It would not be unfair to you for Blizzard to honor the agreement you signed at time of purchase.

Lol, Blizzard actually communicating with the community regarding cosmetics… maybe my children’s children will live to see that day. They’re a joke when it comes to communication.

Let’s just wait until Blizzcon. Everyone is jumping the gun too early.
We’re barely halfway into 2019.

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I have no problem with them honouring that agreement so long as it balances with people who have spent money on getting it there and then.

If it gets released for 1000 tokens (I saw that number floating around) then that is an absolute joke.

But if it means they have to play Diablo for a certain amount of time and purchase a particular item in that game, I wouldn’t be so bothered about that.

It’s the talk about players pretty much getting it for free that I have an issue with.

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You got dragged for this comment and you earned it!

It did say it would be separate from the Blizzcon ticket though. So it shouldn’t be put into a Blizzcon ticket.

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No you should not the Skin was only a small extra buying the whole ticket just for the skin would be a big waist of money and most people didn’t because it explicitly said they could get the skin on a later date. It makes it in no way okey to back up on that promise if they do (meaning no way for people to get the skin till end of 2019 which the legacy status kinda implies) its strait up false advertising and Ilegal.

Blizzard never indicated in the fine print if it’d be free, earned, or purchasable. And those that bought it already honestly have no say on the matter, regardless if we read the fine print or not. I bought it without reading the fine print, but because there IS fine print stipulating Blizzard’s future intentions regarding the skin, I know my place on the matter. :zipper_mouth_face: Kinda surprised others don’t. This is honestly between Blizzard and those who chose to wait based off Blizzard’s printed promises :man_shrugging:t2:


1000 credits is about 10 usd dollars, actually a bit more. Which is also the price they let people at Blizzcon pay for the individual items on the floor. The bundled items put each individual item worth about 7 bucks.

You’re right about it being made separate from the ticket :+1:t4: So much for my “solution.” :sweat_smile:

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1000 credits is pretty easy to build up for free - especially if you’ve been playing for a long time and get a lot of duplicates. I’ve only played for 2 years (watched it a lot longer) and I get duplicates all the time.

They should and hopefully will honour their agreement of having it available at a later date. I just hope they find a good balance so it’s not handed away.

Obviously it won’t be released for as much as I paid for it - I watched the exclusive streams and such so that’s part of the price I paid too. But a middle ground I think would be for the best. Those who bought the tickets can’t complain (they got the skin - up to them whether they used the other things they got too but they paid for them) and the people who didn’t buy it because of the fine print can say ‘that’s fine, I just wanted the skin and now i’ve bought it’

It doesn’t matter. They also sell those lootboxes for real world cash which gives them a money value. 11 lootboxes cost 10 bucks, it takes on average 13.5 to get a Legendary drop. So about 10 bucks is a conservative estimate.

I mean we clearly have a difference in opinion on what a good price for the Sombra skin would be :smiley: But to me, 1000 credits is nothing.

I understand you feel that way and why. Most of us don’t appreciate the value of our credits we earned from grinding because they let us earn them doing stuff we’d be doing anyway. And if you’re a veteran player, you’re probably sitting on a lot of them. I was honestly also surprised when I worked out the math.

I’m just saying that in terms of how Blizzard has put a real world monetary value on them, 1000 credits is not out of line because that puts the skin at roughly 10 bucks.

Personally I’m hoping they would just make it a part of some Diablo Immortals grind thing like they did the HOTS skins. At least that would reinforce that’s it’s special. But I’m not gonna lose sleep over how they release so long as they do.

All in all, it was a dumb move on Blizz part with it. It doesn’t drive people much to Blizzcon, it aggravates customers at a time when frankly not pissing off customers matters to the future of the game, and now making it a Legacy after even having it on PTR for 1000 coin was obnoxiously mishandled…

If they do make it a credit thing - they’ll probably make it 3000 just like they would a brand new skin and have it available during a certain period of time. But given the theme of the skin and the fact it was part of the same Blizzcon as the terrible Diablo reveal, they’re more than likely going to be linked up at some point.

Its pretty clear they were gearing up to make it available likely starting with Anniversary… this would have helped the event, but I bet seriously some junior business major knob was in there telling them to keep it for Diablo Immortal to artificially bump its sales… all this move did was make most people hate Blizzard’s foray into mobile even more…

Probably. It will either be 1000 and just released into the normal pool like the hots skins, included in the Halloween event at 3k, or tied into some promotion for Diablo Immortal.

But I doubt they release it at all. Because it’s been marked legacy. And they should answer for that.

2019 isn’t over yet, but if the skin will not be released through other means then we can start a forum riot :slight_smile:
It will be really bad PR if they say one thing and do the opposite.