Stop with the Demon Hunter denial

They’ve never released old blizzcon skins before…seems like a poor decision if they decide to do that now. Especially when customers paid $40 for it - such as myself.

The small print doesn’t say what will be released at a later date. Or how much of what is included in the deal will be released at a later date.

I get it’s an amazing skin but it is unfair to those who bought it at the time. Pre order widow skin, all the other blizzcon skins, pink mercy - they were all limited time. Blizzard do this all the time in regards to game cosmetics - just look at WoW.

When Diablo comes out on mobile, maybe it’ll be something to do with that. Hopefully not but who knows.

Do you guys not have Blizzcon tickets?

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They did have it in the fine print, people have been able to quote it left, right and centre. While you are correct they hadn’t done it before: Winston’s and Bastion’s didn’t get the same treatment, Sombra’s skin was the exception to the potentially growing rule.

Edit: Their news page for the ticket includes the terms.


Ah my apologies, I thought it was worded differently.

Either way, it is still a big slap in the face to those who bought the tickets for the skin. Winston and Bastions skin wasn’t treated the same because the Sombra skin looks amazing…that doesn’t make it fair to suddenly change the rule because a lot of people like the skin.

While I can understand why it’s a slap in the face for them, it’s not everyone else’s fault for not reading the fine print, especially as it was widely talked about on the forums, social media, and gaming news sites also talked about it.

“Never have been” doesn’t mean “It can’t happen”. People aren’t delusional, they’re simply impatient.

After Diablo Immortal has come and gone and there was absolutely no “Play this game for X hours/Play this game and buy this starter pack to get Demon Hunter Sombra” hook then it’ll be time to start accusing Blizzard of lying.

Though I have the skin and appreciate them making it Legacy, Blizzard would be wrong for not re-releasing the skin, doing a disservice to those players that chose to wait. Blizzard has “lied” to them if they don’t live up to their words.

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I did read the fine print. However, I also remembered that the blizzcon skins from the years before weren’t released and figured it would mean the Sombra skin would remain exclusive and so I purchased it there and then to be safe. I couldn’t make it to Blizzcon as I live in the UK so I didn’t get any of the other benefits.

If they release this as something you can buy separately - and cheaper than the blizzcon ticket - they’ll be dealing with a lot of customers demanding refunds.

I don’t know if it’s even that. While some posts have been very impatient, the large majority of us just want to know if it’s still going to be available at all. I can’t remember if it was this thread or another, but I described how in my position, if it was still visible on the hero gallery but not available for purchase, I would just get over it and wait. But it not being visible is leaving people feeling really concerned.

As someone who is also from the UK, I understand completely. I personally didn’t have the budget to buy the ticket regardless, but the terms of the ticket reassured me that I wouldn’t need to.

There is this thing called “reasonable expectations” and they are created by the advertising of businesses. When business fail to honor their advertising, there is absolutely no fault on the customer, and the business is behaving unethically.

This kind of anti-consumer attitude is why businesses keep getting away with bs.


It did actually specifically mention DHS because she was the only OW item included in the set specified by the ticket. So by default it MUST be her.

My belief is the skin was to come out with Diablo Immortal, but because of the massive backlash, the game was more than likely scrapped.

They’re possibly trying to figure out another way to bring it into the game that:
A) Makes it available for those who don’t have it
B) Doesn’t upset the people who paid for the VT.

I think they want a common ground that doesn’t upset one half or the other half of their community.

The solution should be for them to just release it with the purchase of this year’s ticket while also creating something new for the ticket. I don’t believe the fine print ever said it’d be free :man_shrugging:t2:

If you truly don’t think consumer outrage has never persuaded a business to change something, you’re willfully blind.

Yeah as a mother and full time working adult, I have a tiny amount of money set back for luxuries. It’s only about £50 I have every month for me things.

When I read the fine print, I did debate on NOT buying the ticket because I could get it at a later date…but to be safe, I bought it anyway. So if it comes out at a later date - say as part of the Diablo mobile app - then I am going to be disappointed. Because that money I spent could have been spent elsewhere…probably on video games but still!

Especially since Blizzcon this year was terrible compared to the year before ._.

(look what happened when the skin was available on the PTR, it got removed because people were upset, allegedly)

It’s honestly terrible that you had to debate it at all when the terms were very explicit. :persevere:

I honestly think the PTR thing was a mistake - especially when console doesn’t have PTR to even get the chance of that.

And yeah the only reason I debated about it was because 1) I just wanted it and couldn’t think of anything else I wanted that month. and 2) I was worried that later on down the line, something would change and I wouldn’t be able to get it.

Which in hindsight is -kinda- what happened.

It’s quite likely that it was a mistake, it would just be nice if they gave us a clear answer/statement on it so we’re not left wondering and feelings spinning even further out of control for a lot of people.