Sound popping, crackling, or just selectively missing


I am having an issue in 1.21 where the sound is popping, crackling or have most of the sounds selectively missing altogether (I can hear Reaper’s shots, but not Doomfist charging up, and other issues like that around the map; much like having limited channels playing on my sound). This happens intermittently through my gameplay and has only been happening on the current version and the PTR. The problem is only limited to OverWatch, even when playing music in the background, and seems to happen most when I join a game or have a character die and respawn. As for the current version of the PTR, I will have all sound completely cut-off and not return until I have respawned, and that can be after multiple deaths or finished the game.

I run sound on an on-board Realtek High Definition Audio chip.

Edit: After coming back to this and rereading it, I will add in that I have done the “scan and repair,” have reinstalled the game, and checked for updates to my sound driver. None of it works.

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Hmmm this could potentially be related to major ongoing audio issues happening in the game over the course of the last few months, if you’re still experiencing these issues please share your issue and any relevant videos in this thread: