So... A skin for Hanzo confirmed

There it is.

I’d love to see a mission in pre-explosion Australia at some point, or maybe right after it.
I’m not sure how would they handle it though, we only have 2 characters from there, and they didn’t even know eachother before the incident.


I’m leaning more for Hanzo skin as he’s only had two Legendary event skins thus far, versus Genji having three (I’d technically go as far as saying four as his Oni skin was event exclusive last year for HotS for three months). And since the event is re-titled from Uprising to Archives, Blizzard can give any character a retro/flashback skin in any form so it doesn’t have to be Talon related.

Winston and Moira are also getting skins and I think majority are happy to hear. Moira finally getting an event Legendary and Winston getting his third skin and after 14 months.

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hopefully a good sombra skin for once, and doomfist.

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Winston definitely deserves a skin.
It’s been so damn long since he got one, as you mentioned.

I love her skins.
Cyberspace is one of the best base skins, and while I’m not a huge fan or Rime, Tulum is amazing. That my opinion of course.
“Hey dude!”


no no, i meant her event skins… All of her skins that are non-events are amazing. I can’t stand Rime and Tulum and i main her. I absolutely hate how monotone Rime is considering how vibrant and colorful the rest of sombra’s skins are and the hand looks UGLY, the only cool part is the gun and only golden version.
Tulum is… a choice… let’s just leave it at that. But i agree its better than Rime

To be honest, I’d like Rime way more if it wasn’t for her hair. I’m only using it for the gun, which does look amazing, a shard of ice.

It’s still WAY better than her jester costume in the masquerade comic.
And I’m afraid that it will become a skin at some point.

i don’t think it’s gonna become a costume tbh. The problem with her jester costume is that it has a similar silhouette to the jester skin junkrat has and that’s a big no no in these types of games.

I’d normally agree that they would be too similar, but it’s honestly impossible to mistake Junkrat with Sombra, just because their pose is that much different.

I hope you’re right though. I really don’t want that to be a skin : |

I remember that when the wave 2 of the overwatch funkos were leaked it said that roadhog and junkrat would get “prison variations” but roadhog doesn’t have any skins relating to I’m hoping that the junkers get matching prison skins for the event.

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While we did get 6 for year of the dog we also got 7 for winter wonderland and 8 for Halloween. 6 is the minimum but we could get more then 6 skins

It’s better to assume the worst and be pleasantly surprised than hope for the best and be disappointed.
Well, at least that’s how I go though life.

Yeah I guess. All we know is that were gonna get at least 6 skins.

Junkboy already has Jailbird and its just an epic, and I don’t think they’re doing event epics anymore sadly so I dunno if Roadie is getting one

no i mean legendary. when i mean prison skins i mean more orange scrubs and wife beaters instead of black and white stripes.

…was that leak like… reliable? I never read anything about orange prison jumpers for the dirty boys. (Any junkrat merch even whispered to the winds I hunt down)
Even now while searching variants the only two that show up for this wave is Sombra and mercy.
I think it’d be neat if they gave roadie a prison skin (perhaps…maskless??? :sunglasses:)
But I can’t see them giving jami another prison skin

In the developer update he only said for your favorite shimada brother. Do we know its Hanzo and not Genji?

I’d say Orisa get’s an orange one from Honor and Glory

the leak came out before the funko pops were revealed and it included Zenyatta, Sombra, Junkrat, Roadhog, Mercy, and Zarya which all turned out to be true. In the leak it said that there would be a funko 2 pack called “jail roadhog and junkrat” junkrat already has jailbird so i dont know what they would do with roadhog. heres the link ( reddit .com/ r/ funkopop/ comments/ 7pg2u5 /there _is _ going _ to _ be _ a _j unkra t_and _roadhog _two / ) take away the spaces

i honestly hope roadhog gets a maskless skin. if not a prison one then maybe a skin from when he was in the austalian liberation force

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Do we know if Winston is confirmed? Cause I’d hope he’d get one. Maybe a Rein would be nice, he hasn’t got an event skin since last year uprising