So... A skin for Hanzo confirmed

Yeah, absolutely.
But, Jeff said “I leave it up to you which one it is”, implying that you can drop a skin for either, depending on which one is your favourite.
So it’s either Hanzo or both.

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He only turns down Widowmaker with a sassy/skeptical question, and for Doomfist it sounds like his interest hinges on what he can gain… which could easily change considering Talon’s resources.

It’d be a twist but not a huge one. I definitely think it’s a possibility that’s still on the table. The fact that there are even two voice lines about it at all is interesting, I think.

If you hear the full conversation with Doomfist he says, “I would have little to gain from such an arrangement. No, I will find my own path.” I might be paraphrasing, but that’s More or less accurate

Yeah, they’re clearly very interested in having Hanzo on their side.
Maybe it’s because of his criminal past, which fits with Talon, or maybe it’s got something to do with Genji?
I don’t know, can’t wait to find out next week.

I stand corrected then.

Honestly, I hope Hanzo DOESN’T join Talon. Talon is such a pathetic excuse of villainy, especially with Doomfist as their lead. I really liked Hanzo as a character when he tells two Talon members to get lost. It would ruin his character if he were to suddenly join Talon.


Taking in mind what I said, it would make sense that this new PVE is called Retribution, meaning that Genji gets his revegeance, after so many years of the Shimada clan wanting him to become an assassin and leader of the clan with Hanzo, a life he didn’t wanted and at the end they took care of him by “killing him”. Also Blackwatch would help him do it, so Blackwatch attacking the Shimada castle is not a bad possibility as a new PVE mode.

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Since each return of an event has featured at least one Hero who got an Epic skin last time getting a Legendary skin (McCree and Widow in Summer, Sym and Ana in Halloween, Sombra and Roadhog in Winter, and Mercy for New Year), it seems very likely that either Bastion or Reinhardt (possibly both, although considering how many Epic sinks were in Summer Games compared with Uprising that seems unlikely) will get a new Legendary skin.

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You think “our favorite shimada brother” is hanzo?

It was a puzzle you fool. The puzzle answer is clearly Torbjorn.

No one likes the Shimada brothers.


Doubt reaper will get a skin. He’s already gotten some pretty neat ones this year and he already has his Blackwatch skin. Maybe he’ll get his skin from the Masquerade Comic?

But where did you hear about Hanzo getting a skin?

Jeff mentions it in the new dev update.

As for Reaper, I know that he already has Blackwatch Reyes, but it would be weird to leave out the Blackwatch leader in a Blackwatch event.

What skin would they give him though? Since he has his lore related skin already.
I also don’t remover Jeff outright saying Hanzo will get skin. Just something about “our favorite Shimada”

“A skin for your favourite Shimada brother. I’ll leave it up to you which one that is”.
It’s implied that there will be a skin for both Shimadas, because “favourite” is subjective, and Genji already has one.

How do we know it’s Hanzo? All he said is “shimada brother.” Did I miss something, or could it be Genji? I know Genji already has “Blackwatch” but it’s not out of the question. Reaper got 2 Halloween skins. Genji also was part of Overwatch, while Hanzo was not.

Also, Jeff said Hanzo had 3 legendaries in the works about a year ago. We got Kabuki, Cyberninja, and Casual, so that implies his skins are done for a while.

But as a Hanzo main, please let it be a Hanzo legendary. I hate every Hanzo legendary in the game currently.

We don’t know for sure that it’s Hanzo, it’s just quite heavily implied that it is.

And didn’t they say that he’ll get 3 skins in 2017?
They were a bit late with Kabuki, but it’s another year now, so he might get 3 more of they decide that.

Idk maybe I just remember him specifically saying 3 skins… If it’s another Genji skin after him getting Blackwatch, Sentai, and White Tiger or whatever it’s called, 3 amazing skins, while Hanzo’s all are lackluster, to me at least, I’m gunna cry.

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I personally love all of Hanzo’s new skins, especially Casual for the look in general, and Kabuki because the bow looks amazing in gold.

But, last year’s uprising had some of the best skins so far, so if Hanzo gets one, it will certainly be amazing.

Everyone is asking about Hanzo, but how do we know about a Winston skin? Did I miss something?

I have his gold bow, and while the Kabuki bow looks amazing, the rest of the skin looks so weird, especially his lack of beard. Casual is okay, but I despise the piercings and the scope (cupholder imo) on the bow. Cyberninja is meh, I’m not a fan of orange.

Maybe I’m too picky, but I only use epics for Hanzo despite him being my main and having his gold bow :l idk

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Jeff (I think?) confirmed it on the forums a while ago.

It is kinda weird, but in my opinion in a good way.
And when you’re playing him, the bow is the thing you will see, and damn it looks amazing.

I also really like Cyberninja’s bow, it’s huge and modern, but the skin overall, while good, is a bit boring.

The only thing about Kabuki I really don’t like is that the arrows don’t turn gold entirely, the middle section is all black. But it’s not that important.

Since these “archives” focus on the past I’d L O V E to see Australian Liberation Front Roadhog

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