Winston Cosmetics?


Winston has not gotten an event skin since last new year event. He got the Blizzcon skin, but that was exclusive to the Blizzcon attenders. When will Winston get some love?


I think he could possibly get one for Uprising or Anniversary i don’t think Uprising since Winston hasn’t been mentioned in terms or the Uprising’s lore and story. But we will have to see.

(Jeff Kaplan) #3

Spring 2018…

New Winston Skin?
We're running out of skins
So... A skin for Hanzo confirmed
Some love for Winston and Orisa?

You’re spoiling us, Jeff!


Can we take a moment to appreciate how much Jeff has been posting and responding lately?



“That was awesome!” :gorilla::gorilla::gorilla:


jEFF is onlIne

“itS hAPpENinG iTs hAPpENiNG EvERybODY stAy cALm”


Will Orisa get a Legendary at some point that doesn’t remove her animated eyes (or gives her a different animation if they’re different eyes)? :eyes:


So this means that we are likely to get a skin for the uprising event, the anniversary event, or both.


Wait that means he could get a skin related to the Uprising Event since it started in March and spring starts in April but ends in June. :thinking:


You know what they say. A hint a-day keeps the hype at bay.

(I don’t know wether to cringe at what I just said or be happy that it rhymed.)


Tracers been sitting 9 months skinless, I know we like to meme about her but something for her would be nice


Winston hero 27 confirmed PogChamp


I was going to get his Lunar Skin, but now I’ll just wait. My OWL skin will do for now. :smiley:


Is that basically an Uprising Winston skin? <3


What about Tracer, In Tracers own words to Winston “It’s been too long”.


Oh yes, so cool. :heart:
Coming soon :smile:


“Did…someone say new Winston skin?”


Surprise Skin for Space Simian is Salivatingly Sublime!


His casual suit from life on Horizon i hope?