So... A skin for Hanzo confirmed

jeff comfirmed winston would get a new legendary in the spring.


cool, happy about that. Hope it can hold up to the amazing skin that is Yeti

the sombra talon skin though

Second skin from masquerade comics doomfist would look ridiculous. He needs it, he is ridiculous.

yakuza* And as fan of Ryu Ga Gotoku game series (Yakuza, i mean) - Hanzo would look gorgeous in tux

Hanzo got a legendary skin not too long ago (and a really good one) and while I know that Genji already has an Uprising skin, I think that he is getting it.

Jeff talked about retribution and this might hint to either something Talon related or an Omnic assault.

Edit: I forgot about Genji chinese new year skin, my bad.

I’ve been saying this forever, and I hope blizzard eventually gives us the goods

We usually get 7 though.

I really want a tuxedo for Doomfist, or some other sort of classy skin. He is a very well-educated man from a rich family who is in charge of a company that is huge in the prosthetic limbs market, after all.

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He Said

Our FAVOURITE Shimada Bro

Don’t think Hanzo is our favourite

Hanzo already said no to Talon
In the cinematic he was approached by his Brother to help him and Hanzo accepted.

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What if… They’re BOTH getting one?! :scream:

Are you saying Genji’s Legendary Chinese New Year skin is older than The Hanzo Christmas Legendary?

Wait, what? Deciding not to shoot him does not an acceptance make.

Not saying I think he’ll go with Talon, just wanted to make this point, for argument’s sake.

That list also included Gargoyles funko pops which don’t exist and came from steven.memeverse , I think it’d be cool if they made exclusive, new, chase jail outfits for the rowdy boys but I’m kinda not gonna hold my breath or anything lol

No but the End of the Video shows the two dragons becoming Human and deciding to change the world together.

I forgot about that but you forgot about Kabuki (which is still older than Genji’s though).

Maybe its a Genji one.

Oddly, we had 8 legendaries last year. McCree, Genji, Widowmaker, Orisa, Tracer, Rein, Torb (2) and Mercy

I am hoping for 8 again…

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He probably gonna join ow though. Because in dragons animated short the ancinet story ends when 2 dragon brothers work together to rebuild the world. Same thing probably will happen with shimada brothers.